My social media course and me. I need your help.

Hi everyone,

I never told you guys about the mix up with my course, did I?

I have been doing a course in Social Media and a week ago, after finishing two modules, my lecturer and I realised that she was sending me the wrong course work. *Big sigh*

I was told to have my three month course finished by 20 November, however, because of the mix up I get a few more weeks grace, which I am very thankful for.

My assignment was to open a new blog on the lecturer’s chosen platform. Either or I chose, however, I wasn’t happy about it, because I have this one. It would have been so easy to use this one, because of my friends here. I have already decided that once my assignment is done, I’ll delete it.

Anyways, I know this is asking a bit much… but will you please go have a look at it and maybe leave a comment on one of the posts on the comments link.

Thanking all of you in advance.

Have an awesome weekend further.


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