Extra people in my life that I may have referred to:

The blonde girl – She is my nephew’s (the Blonde One) girlfriend fiance. They have decided to get married. She is not blonde at all. She is really irritating sometimes and well, never mind. *rolls eyes*

Curly – ex-wife of Rugby man and mother to the Model and the Blond one. There is no contact between her and myself, well, except that she weasels her way into our house every Christmas. *rolls eyes*

Number 22 – Our next door neighbours in the complex where we stay. They really know how to irritate a person. I have referred to them before and since the last “issue”, my mom refuses to speak to the husband and to support her, I don’t speak to him either. I do speak to the wife, but that is only on a few occasions.

Number 20 – The other set of neighbours in the complex. She is an actress and done a few ads. He is a graphic designer. Nice people with a cool dog named Happy.

Zee – My colleague and friend at work. She is pregnant with her second child. I am waiting to see if it is a boy or girl.

Zee’s hubby – He is married to Zee and a really cool guy.

Uncle G – Biker friend of Rugby Man and Biker Man.


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