Me & My People

Well, let’s see… I’d better tell you a little more about my world and the people in it?

I guess first things first. This blog is about the following: A day in the life of me, Kat, a production-editor and lover of life, my family,  movies, photography and music. Beautiful things inspire me. Injustices in the world upset me. I have been called happy, intense and weird.  I am a Scorpio, which means I am stubborn, possessive and I can keep secrets, although it also means that I am independent, I work hard and I am fiercely loyal. (See more here.)

Some random things about me:

  • I don’t necessarily have a favourite colour, although if I have to choose, it will always be black.
  • My favourite genre of music: Rock and pop and well everything really, except hip hop.
  • My favourite actor: Gerard Butler (he would be my hall pass guy).
  • I like collecting movies and books.
  • I like taking photos of all the things around me.
  • I am allergic to bees. (Please don’t read this in Afrikaans. LOL! It is a bee that buzzes around.)
  • I am one of those people that see the funny side of a situation… any situation (I might explain this one day).
  • I think I have a good general knowledge and I like reading news.

All views expressed on my blog are personal views of the world.

This blog is just a bit of my everyday life and you are welcome to join me on the journey of self-discovery and random events in my life.


My family:

Mom – is obviously my mother. She is not like any other mother that I know (aka my friends’ moms). See, my Mom is more like a friend, my best friend. Yes, we have our ups and downs but she is the first person who I go to if I have news. She is one of the strongest women that I know and I am proud to be her daughter.

My Mom retired for the second time, when my brother had his motorcycle accident. He then passed away in 2015 and my Mom stayed at home from then onwards. I live with her or she lives with me… depends on how you want to see it. She is an awesome woman who has been through a lot in her life, but in all that, she has always cared for her family. Mom is 72 and a great cook. She now looks after the house and Lizzie. Mom lost my Dad 11-years ago but she says nothing is worse than losing your child. She speaks of Tim often and I think she won’t ever recover from that. However, she buries her hurt so that I don’t worry too much about her. If she only knew…

Dad – is my father who passed away in 2008. I miss him every day, however, with the missing comes the remembering, so he is never too far away.

Rugby Man – is the oldest of the three children. He is 47 and divorced (after 22 year’s of marriage). Rugby Man seems to have adapted well to the single life and he is an awesome brother and he works in Aviation. He still plays Rugby and has lots of stories to tell. After hours he works as a barman. Rugby Man has two sons, namely The Model and The Blonde One.

Rugby Man (Timothy) passed away in 2015. He was 48-years-old. He had a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 55 days before he passed away. He just never woke up. If he did he would have been quadriplegic and have brain damage. I think God knew what He was doing because Tim was an active man who used to gym twice a day, he wouldn’t have been successful in not being able to move, and without his brain, he would have gotten very frustrated with himself.

I miss him. Everyday. My Mom speaks of him often and if he was alive, I’d be teasing him about only having eight years to go till 60.

Yes, I am the “laatlammetjie” in the family. There is 16 and 14 years difference between my brothers and I.

Biker Man – is the middle child. He is 45 and also known as the biker in the family. He has roped in Rugby Man to join the biking world as well. Biker Man always helps me with my car and has really settled down well since his girls were born. Biker Man comes across as a “bad arse”, however, he is genuinely the kindest man I know. He has a son from a previous marriage and he is married to Wifey.

Wifey – is Biker Man’s wife and mother to Cutie Pie and Noodle. She is a Virgo and has a weird sense of humor. She is 38 and is really quite a sweetie. She goes biking with Biker Man which gives my Mom and I the perfect opportunity to babysit the girlies.

Rugby Man’s children:

The Model – is 24 and a part time model, however, he is like any other 24-year-old who drinks and parties hard. He is so handsome and knows how to sow his wild oats. A total bachelor who gets his girlfriends to make Rugby Man coffee in the morning.  Maybe I am biased, but I think he is my favourite because we are so close in age. He is more like my little brother than my nephew.

The Blonde One – is The Model’s younger brother. At 22 he is now living in Nelspruit with his GF. That shocked us is that he didn’t tell anyone. Scratch that. He is back and living with the GF fiance at her grandmother’s house. Apparently they are moving into a new place at the end of March. I don’t really know how he is doing, he keeps in touch with Rugby Man when it suits him.

Biker Man’s children:

The American – is Biker Man’s first born. He is 20 and moved with his mother and her new husband to America when he was 12. My brother let him go, as he felt that the kid had a better future there than in South Africa. He is a total little American with the accent and the attitude. Anyways, he is at varsity studying broadcasting journalism, a bit like his aunt.  Apparently not anymore. I honestly don’t know what the man is studying now. Maybe I’ll find out when he graduates? 😉

Cutie Pie – is my niece. She is 4 and first girl grandchild. We love her to bits and she is the splitting image of me when I was her age. Even though Cutie Pie has mood swings (which child doesn’t at 4?) she is awesome. She is now into the Barbie phase in life, which is really sad, because I have not encouraged that at all.

Noodle – Noodle made her appearance in 2012. She is the freshest baby I have ever held (at 12 hours old) and is too cute. I love taking photos of her and I love seeing her grow. She has made me want a little one of my own one day.  She is now learning to walk. Nope, she is walking and talking and we are having so much fun teaching her things. 🙂 She already says “awe” and can high five and well, she is loveable and hugable and I am enjoying having her around.


There is  Lizzie. Lizzie is our dog. She is a black Daschund and adorable. I swear she speaks to me and is a person in our house. Lizzie is spoilt, but we adore her and her short little legs.  🙂

Lizzie is now 12-years-old and with age she has picked up a heart murmur. I dread the day she is no more, because she is my Mom’s companion.



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