I am alive

I just realised that I have not been here in a while. Hello friends. I am still alive and don’t worry, I am not here just to post a Tuesday Tune. Although that will start again from this week onwards. 😉

I have been uber busy since the last time I was here, late nights working till 10 pm. One night even ended up at 1 am. I have had so much happening, training, work and deadlines.

I can hear you asking about fun… well, that has been out on the back burner for a bit… sad but true.

I don’t know about you, but can you believe that it is the 1st of August already? One month till Spring… *insert happy dance here*

I will catch up with everyone soon.
Take care,


The news…

Okay, so, a lot has happened in a space of two to three weeks.

Biker Man and Wifey are moving. Yes, they are taking the two lights of my life (Cutie Pie and Noodle) and moving to a new suburb… 45 minutes away.

That is a whole 65 km away.


I was and am still  shattered by the announcement.

I knew things were going to change when he started his new job. But then Wifey decided the nail business wasn’t for her  and found a job in Alberton.

This weekend they are getting the keys to the house that they are renting. They have arranged that Cutie Pie and Noodle stay with us from early Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon. On Monday the moving truck will come and move them and then they will be gone.

For practical reasons, I know why they are doing this namely, time constraints and petrol. But I am selfish and I don’t like change. I like having them close by. I know it isn’t a different continent and we don’t see the girlies during the week, but it is maybe just something that I have to get used to.

My Mom has accepted it. As she says it is their life and they have to decide what they need and want. But between you and me, I think my Mom is just trying to be strong. She has told them that they must visit every weekend, because she cannot expect me to take her to visit them as I have a life of my own to live.

So there you have it…  the big news that I said I would share.

Happy Thursday evening (almost Friday)!


Things on my side… (part 2)

So, I mentioned before that the rest of my post would follow… Well here goes.


At home life has been good. I have discovered from an article in a magazine that I am called a PANK. What’s that you might ask? Well it is a Professional Aunt – No Kids. It is the new generation of Aunts who are career focused and don’t have their own kids, but spoil their nieces and nephews. I must be doing something right cause all that Cutie Pie wants to do is sleep over at our house. So, that’s what is planned for this weekend. They (Cutie Pie and Noodle) are sleeping over on Saturday night. See, when Biker Man and wifey need some alone time or need to go on a breakfast run, then our house is the drop off place. This week it is for a breakfast run. I will be taking the girls shopping for pjs and well, we will have a slumber party in our new pjs while we all watch Frozen for the tenth time. 😉


Today the magazine goes to print. It would seem that I have survived my first month…. yay! Although not without a last cancellation of an article and a page number problem.

See when magazine’s are designed they have to be in multiples of four. So I should have had either 48 or 52 pages. I ended up with 50. So after chatting to the editor, we had to cut two on Friday. This month’s issue is 48 pages. The other thing is that I have to really concentrate on my layout skills. Yes, I have done it all before, but my eye isn’t trained yet for the magazine, which means that I need to focus on that.

So, my editor leaves on Friday on four months maternity leave. She is having a little boy in June and I think she really needs this time cause she says she is so tired. I do hope and pray everything goes well. Another lady at the office (not in my department) announced that she too is pregnant. It never ends does it? LOL!


So, I went to the Dr the other day, all is good with me health wise, except that she sent me for glucose tests. Turns out I am not diabetic, which I could have told her and my Mom, but it was only a precaution test, but I am on antibiotics thanks to my whacked out hormones *rolls eyes*

Also, I was considering going for another tattoo this weekend… I was going to celebrate my promotion. However, now I am in two minds about it, and I don’t know why. It is odd really. Maybe I will still change my mind, who knows, but I think the reason why I am over thinking this is because I am not sure WHERE I would like to have it. Any suggestions for where I could put this will be welcome. 😉 I was thinking of getting something like this:

Que Sera Sera

Btw, random piece of info… I am a whole 30 and a half years old today, the same day the Rubik’s cube is 40 (according to Google). 😛

Okay, so I am out of here. Have a good Monday further.


Okay… so it is official…




I went into my old office today and asked the temp lady who is doing my old job, how it was going, because today is deadline day. She looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and anyone who knows me, knows I hate when that happens.

That’s when I decided to take charge, especially when I saw that the way she was doing the work was was NOT the way I showed/trained her how to do it…

So you know what I did?

I got the visitors chair, pulled it up next to her and showed her what to do.

Anyways, I really need to work on this. I need to learn to TRUST people. I think this is going to be a massive learning curve for me and a lot of patience will be needed from me and my fellow co-workers.

Btw, if you have ANY advice for me, please share. All comments will be appreciated.

Have a happy Monday further.



So about those Irishmen… (Part 2)

Read part 1 here.

The receptionist called me to tell me I had guests. I walked into reception to meet them. I was only expecting Irishman 1 but he had a friend. He introduced me to Irishman 2 and oh my word… what a nice man. He was younger than Irishman 1, I’d say around 35 maybe? He had a nice smile, a nice voice, he said my name with an Irish brogue that just made me weak in the knees and the bonus was that he was not wearing a wedding band (I saw that later in the restaurant).

I told them that I would quickly get the editor and we could go to the restaurant. They said that we could take their car with their driver, however, when we got to the car the driver had taken a walk to the shops, so we decided that because the restaurant was only a block away (a long block in high heeled shoes) we would walk. Something that I am sure will never be suggested EVER again. The traffic, the beggars and the humidity were terrible. However, not all was bad; my hair did not frizz with the humidity (YAY!) and Irishman 2 walked next to me the entire way.

We were half way to the restaurant when Irishman 1 asked if my auburn hair suggested to Irish ancestry. I should have known one of them would have asked that. I told him that my grandfather was born on the Emerald Isle and that they moved to South Africa when he was two years old. Turns out that Irishman 2 and my grandfather were born in the same city.

Btw, another thing, Irishman 2 and my brother, Biker Man, have the same name, which I mentioned as well. I remember saying “People with that name are normally naughty.” He did not disagree on that point but he added that they were very mischievous.

Anyways, in the restaurant we sat across of one another and that’s when I noticed that Irishman 2 had the most gorgeous blue eyes. Who does not love blue eyes? Anyways, the meeting went well and I must admit that Irishman 2 caught me looking at him a couple of times. *Blush*

When we were not discussing business, we were discussing life in general. We pay 14% VAT and they pay 23% in Ireland. The water pipes are being replaced in Dublin so there are water restrictions at the moment, not good for tourism. As it turns out that Irishman 2 will be back in the country in December (here’s hoping he comes to visit *wink*) and that he travels to South Africa often.

We (mainly Irishman 2 and I) spoke about South Africa and he added that Durban was nice, but too humid. Cape Town was beautiful; however, Johannesburg/Pretoria seemed to be where everything was happening. From the way he spoke, you could see that he knew his way around. He told me about the Great White Sharks he saw in…
“Where is it?” he asked.
“False Bay?” I answered.
“Yes, that’s the place. They film the documentaries there,” he said with a smile.

I then told him that Pretoria/Johannesburg was the place where Table Mountain stood. However, according to old folk tales, Table Mountain was dragged the through the Free State to Cape Town and that is why the Free State is so flat today. He laughed at the story, and I thought to myself, Kathleen you might just have inherited the gift of the gab after all.

Time flies when you are having fun and time came to say goodbye. Their driver came to pick us up at the restaurant and they drove us back to the office and then the editor and I said farewell to our new found friends.

“It was lovely meeting you Kathleen,” Irishman 2 said. “I’ll be in touch.”

And it was at the moment, when he said my name that I knew I needed to get my arse into gear and go visit Ireland, because somehow I think I would feel right at home there and I’d most probably find a husband too. 😉

Irish image (9)

So about those Irishmen… (Part 1)

I mentioned the Irishmen in a previous post and seeing that things are a bit quiet today, I thought that I would tell you about them…

About two weeks ago, the receptionist came into my office. There was a visitor for the editor, however, she was not in as she had taken the afternoon off. The visitor just dropped in without an appointment. ‘He wants to know about advertising’ the receptionist said, and because advertising is a part of my job description, I told her that I would help the man.

I walked out, introduced myself, and asked if he would like to join me in the library so that I could assist him… and then he said it… my name in an Irish accent. *swoon*

Irishman 1, as I will call him, followed me into the library. He took a seat and told me about his business and mentioned that his colleague was flying in that evening. He mentioned that they were interested in advertising and wanted to write a few articles for the magazine. I assisted him with all the information and explained how everything at the magazine worked. The drop in five minute visit turned into an approximate 45 minute visit. While we were chatting, I noticed that he was much older than me. I did notice a wedding ring on his finger, however, I wondered if he maybe had a son around my age who was single.


A girl can dream can’t she? 😉

Anyways, by the time he left, I had helped him arrange appointments for the following Thursday at our other offices and I promised him that the editor would get back to him for an appointment, and off he went on his merry way. When the editor got in the next morning, I mentioned the visit and told her to please contact him for a meeting, which she did. I did not hear from them again, so I was content that I did my work and that was that.

Until the Thursday morning when I got to work… and I opened my inbox.

I received an e-mail from the editor instructing me to find a restaurant nearby for a lunch meeting. I scrolled down to where Irishman 1 said that I had helped him so much and that he would like to take us out for an early lunch meeting to discuss the way of the future. That was all good and well, but I was not dressed for a meeting. *face palm* I had jeans and ballet pumps on and my hair was curly and wet.

Anyways, so I called the restaurant and secured a table, I mailed them back and said where the restaurant was and then I rushed off home to put on more corporate clothes, high heels and straighten my hair. I got back to the office in record time.

At 12:25, I heard my name being said in an Irish accent in reception and I knew Irishman 1 was back, but this time he brought a friend….


You are only 30 once in your life

and because of that, I am planning on making the most of it. 🙂

I finally decided on a theme for my party and I created the invitations accordingly, and I am sure you are dying to know what I have planned… Well here goes…

We will be going IRISH for the day.


Yes, my friends, we are having an IRISH birthday party! What do you think of the invitation? I created it myself, thanks to some Google images and my design skills, and yes, I know there is no info on the invite, but that is for my own privacy. 😉


Anyways, the venue has been arranged, the invites have been sent out, the props are sorted, the music has been sourced. The food arrangements have been made. The cake is going to be awesome. The only thing that will not be happening is the Jumping Castle for the kids… Who knew they were so expensive? I mean, I can deal with the R 300 for the day, but the fact that the lady wants to drop it off at 12:00 and pick it up at 19:00 is totally not worth my while. Neither is the fact that she is charging me an extra R 100 for delivery. Anyways, I have been thinking of doing something else for the kids, which the grown ups can participate in too, because we all know there would have been some grown ups who would have jumped on the jumping castle. *innocent look*

I hope I haven’t missed anything… cause I have made so many lists for all the different things I have to remember.

On another note, my hectic deadlines are over. I am just waiting for the advertisers to get back to me with the changes (if any) to the their adverts. I did not think that I’d survive this, but once again, I have proved how tough I can be. We go to print on Monday and I have to get the digital issue out by Thursday and then I will only have the admin to keep me busy. 🙂 My leave for December is in, which is great and all the RSVP’s for the different lunches have been sent. By the way, tonight I am off to the PICA awards with my co-workers. At the moment, I am not very excited about it. I hope that changes as the afternoon progresses.

Okay, so I think that’s enough ramblings from me for today. Enjoy the rest of your day 😀