My Irish birthday party… (a quick summary)

I am so tired… I have obviously learned that a 30-year-old body doesn’t quite recover as quickly as a 29-year old body… Hahaha see I made a joke about my new age. 😉

This weekend just flew by, but they say time flies when you are having fun and it sure did. On Friday, my Mom and I took a day’s leave to start on preparations for my party. On Saturday we did the final touches for the party and at 14:00 some of my friends started arriving for the party. I only got home at about 01:30 the next morning.

Some highlights for the party include:

  • Having my blog friends, Harmony and Asian, at my party. Thanks so much for being there you two. It was awesome having you both there and my family only have really nice things to say about you guys. 🙂
  • My brothers invited their some of their biker friends. The friends made me an honorary member for the day and I was told that I “officially” have another two brothers who will look after me (I’d better add them to my who’s who list).
  • It was awesome socialising with my colleagues out of the office.
  • My Mom, the star who looked after everyone and made them feel welcome.
  • The gifts I received. See the photo below.
  • The cupcakes. We iced them in the colours of the Irish flag and I made clovers to put on them. See the photo below.

One thing I will NEVER do again is order balloons. I must admit now, that I am scared of balloons… I was small when one popped in my face and to this day, I get terrified when they burst. So it was total insanity on my part to order 10 helium balloons from our local Spar and to drive with said balloons to the venue. NEVER AGAIN. I was literally on edge while I was driving because the bloody balloons would not stay in the back of the car.

Anyways, I am sure everyone had a good time with enough to eat. I am going to load the pics on Facebook soon.

As for yesterday, we had to go back to the venue to get the rest of the stuff we left there. By last night I was totally beat and ended up in bed at 21:00. Which is early for me. Thank goodness I already watched the MNet Sunday night movie, so I didn’t miss anything.

We have a big week ahead here at work, so I’ll try to blog when I get the chance to share other experiences with you.

Enjoy your week and take care.

Kathleen's 30th birthday party 1

The presents I received. These do not include the awesome gifts from Tuesday. 🙂

Kathleen's 30th birthday party 2

The clover cupcakes we made in the colours of the Irish flag. 🙂