What a day….

It is approximately 21:05 on a Saturday evening and I am ready for bed. The rugby game is on TV at the moment, however, all I know is that SA is leading Wales 24 to 15.

I am sure you are asking why I am so tired. Well, I haven’t been too active on my blog this week because of work… I was/am having a mini breakdown on my side. My editor wants my supplement fully edited on Wednesday, 13 November. My deadline for my advertisers is on Monday,  11 November, so I only have Tuesday to get proofs out and finish up the last of my work.

In all this, I have been reading and editing articles for the journal and I am busy with the admissions supplement, which means checking all the law firms and details of all the newly admitted attorneys since May 2013 till 31 October 2013…  which means, there are over 400 names to check and that does not include the Western Cape. I only got their info late Friday afternoon.

Oh and all this doesn’t include the Irishmen I met or all the excitement of planning my 30th birthday. 😉

I thought that I would get some work done today, however, my day consisted of waking up at 06:00 and then receiving a phone call to take a family member to hospital. Mrs Biker Man hurt her arm and the pain became terrible during the night. Biker Man has recently been made President of the Centurion Chapter of his Club and they had a run today, as president he  had to be there as all the arrangements had been made and he could not cancel. Mrs Biker Man assured him that she would be fine with me and told him to go. Long story short, I had to pick her up, take her to the hospital, watch the girls with my Mom while she was in the emergency room and because she hurt her right arm, I had to still fill in all the documentation etcetera at the hospital.

Once we were done at about 11:30, we went back to Biker Man’s house. Poor Mrs Biker Man was knocked with all the meds and fell asleep and my Mom and I had to babysit. My brother said that he would be home at 14:00, however, that never happened. He only walked in at 18:00. LOL! Typical man…

By this time Cutie Pie and Noodle had not had their afternoon naps. They just did not want to sleep, so by the time we left Cutie Pie was very irritable, mainly because she wanted to leave with my Mom and I. Noodle was falling over her own feet. They ran around and played so much that I think those two girlies will be sleeping very well tonight. 😉

Anyways, tomorrow morning we are going to church and after that to Woolies to get our supplies for the week and then I’ll work for the rest of the day.

I have tried to catch up with the blogs as best as I can, however, after 26 November things should hopefully be quieter and I’ll be able to blog more. 🙂


PS. 10 days to go… I am so excited! 😀


Love and marriage

Okay… so I mentioned here and here that I had a few things that I still wanted to share, however, because of time constraints and other issues at hand I never got around to it. Well, I thought I’d focus on one topic today.

On Saturday night, after the shooters, I got chatting to two of my nephews’ friends. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They both have the same names, however, but the one is older than the other and when it comes to the shape of their bodies, the one is thinner than the other. While chatting to them we somehow got onto the issue of relationships….

Tweedle Dee (the thin one) said that he was planning to propose to his gf in December.

My first reaction was: “How old are you?”

“21,” he said proudly.

I think this is where my jaw hit the ground.

“Aren’t you a bit… uhm… young?”

“No, my brother is 23, he got engaged last week,” Tweedle Dee said.

“You aren’t getting married straight away, are you?”

“No, I am planning a long engagement. I’ll get married when I am 25 and have my first kid by 28,” he said. He obviously gave it a lot of thought.

“Oh, well sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you planned. Look at me, I am 30 and still single, by choice I might add, but it is certainly not the way I expected life to turn out when I was 21,” I said.


So, this was the conversation that reminded me of an article I read years ago in I think it was the Cosmo or was it Elle? Anyways, the article was about “Starter Marriages”. It was an article about how a couple got married in their 20’s and were divorced by the time they were 30. They had no kids and weren’t in love with one another. You could say they out grew one another. According to the Wikipedia page about starter marriages, the first line sums it up well:

“A starter marriage is a first marriage that lasts five years or less
and ends without the couple having any children together.”

Now, I have never been married, however, this “trend” is still around. Thanks to this article, and this one there is a new thing called the non-starter marriage.

I’d like to take a quote from the article:

“We’ve all heard about the Starter Marriage: The marital training wheels that prime you for the real thing. But this is something singular. Call it the Non-Starter Marriage, the union that dissolves in less than a year, sometimes before the thank-you notes can even be sent out. It’s the kind of bust-up we associate—almost anticipate—with celebrity unions. Katy Perry and Russell Brand: just over 365 days. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: 72 days. Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas: 27 days. Britney Spears and her high school sweetheart: 55 hours. Even the seemingly down-to-earth Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss split in under a year (though legal red tape pushed the union slightly past the 12-month mark).”

Do some people just rush into marriage because they feel it is the “right” thing to do? Do people still give a thought to how much work it takes to be in a marriage these days? Are you making the right choice for you? Can you live with the person for the rest of your life?

These are questions that I would certainly want to answer before I take that long walk down the aisle and I think I would expect my future husband to answer as well. I just hope that Tweedle Dee does not influence the Blonde one, with this proposal business, because I feel that 21 is a bit young to make such drastic life decisions, especially in today’s day. There is so much out there to experience and see that one wouldn’t want to be tied down.*


*Please note the views in this blog are mine. If you feel differently, feel free to comment below.

Welcome back to all my friends

Well, hello there everyone.

I do hope and trust you are all well and that you are enjoying what 2013 has to offer so far.

Firstly from my side: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2013 bring you all happiness joy and love.


Wow! Time has really flown by. It is already 16 day’s into January already. This means –

  1. I didn’t keep my resolution of blogging every second day (at least);
  2. I am one year closer to retirement in 2048; and
  3. This is my last year as a twenty something chick.

So much has happened in the past few months that I’m not really sure where to begin…

My life became a blur of work, work and more work. I wrote a few articles (okay 3) last year in the magazine, which was above my own workload and I admit that it was so awesome seeing my name in print again. *Insert big smile here*

In this month’s issue I have another news item and a short caption story.

Getting back into the writing side of things has been difficult, however, it is like riding a bike. You never forget how and with a little practice and patience from my editor, I’ll get there.  Just a random bit of information, but, I haven’t written articles for publication in more than eight years. I wrote news bulletins for radio, but that is a whole other kind of writing style.

So, because of all the work, I was so glad for the holidays to arrive. The holidays. *sigh* It seems so long ago now.

We didn’t go on actual holiday last year. We stayed at home and rested. Good and solid rest. We did fun things, we went Christmas shopping, we had Christmas lunch at a hotel and we spent New Year’s at home with the family.

By 7 January, work started again, and because of deadlines, I worked through the weekend and late nights to get it all done.  Tomorrow is deadline day and by Monday we go to print, but then the next cycle starts.

This weekend is my mom’s 66th birthday. I’ll be taking her to the movies on Saturday. We are planning to watch the new Gerard Butler *swoon* movie, Playing for Keeps. Now, you all should know that I am a major fan of old Gerry and I am VERY excited to watch the movie.

Playing for Keeps

Okay, so this is just a quick update from my side. I’ll get around to everyone’s blogs soon.

Take care and chat soon.