What a nice Friday

Normally, I don’t really touch much on work topics on my blog, but I just have to share yesterdays happenings with you.

We were sent an e-mail about two weeks ago about a wellness day that would be happening at the office. I was scheduled to go for training, so I wouldn’t have been able to attend, however, my training was cancelled. So, I could partake of the happenings.

On Thursday we received bright green t-shirts with a heart on. On the back it said “The greatest wealth is health”. I don’t think anyone was sure what to expect.


The production team. I am all the way on the right. 🙂


When we arrived at our offices in Sunnyside, we all received goodie bags with an little packet of nuts, an apple, an orange and a water bottle, oh and our meal tickets. We went into the lecture hall and were introduced to all the people who were part of the exhibit for the day. After the formalities, we could walk around and see what each stall had on offer.

My two colleagues and I, started off by getting flu packs. It was that or the flu injection. The flu pack consisted of Sinucon, Vitamin C tablets and two other products, all donated by PharmaValue. The pharmacy was also on hand to test glucose and bloood pressure.

After that it was off to the dietician, who gave me very bad news about my weight (as if I don’t know it already!). Let’s face it, it took more than a day to put the weight on, so it ail take more than a day to get it off. You cannot lose it all in one month and I know this. Btw, I am still on my diet and trying to lose the last 15 kilograms. It will take time with high and low days, but at least I am doing something about myself and I am happy.

Anyways, from there it was off to the optometrist, however, I recently (in the last week) had my eyes tested and received new glasses. We got a toothbrush and toothpaste from OralB.

We received red ribbons for HIV/Aids awareness and purple ones to stop gender violence. We received pens and water bottles from LifeLine, who do a wonderful job I might add. Nedbank and Old Mutual were there too as well as Virgin Active and awesome ladies who gave neck and hand massages. We all got lunch and fruit juice from Juicy Lucy. All in all we were really spoilt and all the credit to the team who arranged it all! (I am sorry if I left anyone out of this list.)

Something interesting from the day was that I was one of two people at my company who had normal blood pressure. My one colleague had high and the other low. Oh and the funniest part of the day was the free packets of condoms. They were this government ones and they were ten in a pack. I walked off with three packets and my colleagues with four… it seemed like we were going to have a really busy weekend *wink wink*

Anyways, I just want to share the happenings with you. It was an awesome day and well, it was a nice way to mix with colleagues in a relaxed environment.

Have a happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “What a nice Friday

  1. We normally have two wellness days a year where Discovery, biokineticists and dieticians come to our office to do basic health checks. Yours sounds much cooler though!

    • The previous company I worked for did the Discovery thing… it always intimidated me, cause there would always be a cute guy weighing you… drove me nuts! I liked ours. No cute guys in sight! LOL!

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