Some thoughts in my head

So a few weeks ago, I was watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Season 6 was showing on Comedy Central, channel 122. It is a show I always enjoyed and I admit that watching it is like hanging out with old friends.

In the episode, Ted explains to Robin that dating her co-anchor is nice because she makes him feel needed, something Robin didn’t do when he dated her.

Oh dear… this seemed to catch my attention, because if we have a look at my life, I am not good when it comes to “needing” people.

Startled by this revelation, Robin shows up at Barney’s and asks him to weigh in on what was said. Barney assures Robin that her independence and lack of neediness is one of the things he liked most about her.

Which in my view was a really nice thing of Barney to say.

But, my question is… Are there guys out there that truly can appreciate an independent woman? A woman who is not a “damsel in distress”? I was going to write an in-depth post (read rant) about my thoughts, but then I got an WhatsApp from my brother and I thought it summed it up perfectly…


So there you have it… An image that says it all.
Have a good Wednesday further.



6 thoughts on “Some thoughts in my head

  1. One of my favourite posts recently was reading about a seventeenth-century lady of considerable means and indomitable spirit who was an expert fencer, and who after meeting a man she fancied sent an anonymous challenge to a duel. They met at dawn, and he was dumbfounded when a masked lady stepped out to confront him. She told him to fight or marry her. He considered the speed with which a rapier point suddenly pricking his chest had stopped his laughter, and opted to marry. Records have it that it was a deliriously happy and successful marriage.

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