Dude, there’s a lizard in my car


After your giggling and wtf moment, I will tell you how it got there…

On Friday (Good Friday) we were going to go visit Biker Man and Wifey at their new house after church. At 07:00 Biker Man called and said that we should bring our garden chairs with for the braai, because he didn’t have enough for everyone (Rugby Man and his ‘ex’ and The Model were going too). I told him I’d bring them and well, when I pulled the car out of the garage, I put the chairs in the boot of my car, not checking them.

After church, I wanted to put my handbag in the boot, when I opened it and the lizard was on top of the chairs. Now, as you know, I don’t mind lizards, so I told my mom to hang ten while I pick the chair up and get the lizard out. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. The lizard slid away so quickly and just disappeared.

We got to my brother’s new house and what a nice place btw and we took the chairs out. No sign of the lizard. I decided that I would sort it out later the afternoon. However, we had such a nice time that we only left at about 18:00 and got home at 19:00. By that time it was too late to look for it.

This morning I pulled the car out and low and behold, it was back… but it was too fast to be caught. It ran in under the back seat (by then I had all the doors of the car open) and no matter how I chased it with the lunchbox, it was apparent that I wouldn’t be successful in catching it to set it free. I even put Lizzie (my beloved lizard catcher) in the car but she thought we were going to take a ride and didn’t pick up on the scent.

My Mom suggested we doom the car. So, out came Lizzie and I closed all the doors and sprayed some Doom… and nothing.

So, then I decided to start vacuuming the car. After getting half way, the lizard appeared. The doors were still open and after chasing him from the boot to the backseat, it moved towards the side of the seat and I swear it literally jumped out the car and manoeuvred over to the neighbours garage. Luckily in all this the lizard did not lose its tail.

It seems that today was my day with lizards, because while mowing the lawn and cutting some plants, another two ran for their lives.

Anyways, that was my excitement for the day.
Happy long weekend further.


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