I think we created a monster

What kind of monster you might ask?

Well, a go karting monster.


This week, I attended a function with my friend*. Go karting was the order of the day, but I am the first to admit, I was really hesitant in racing, because I know myself when it comes to mechanics. I would be the one who ended up crashing the go kart or breaking an arm.

I was supposed to race, however, when I saw the list and my name wasn’t on for the heats, I really didn’t mind. Even though my friend said I should go ahead and do it… I was totally okay with being his cheerleader for the evening. Anyways, my friend decided to go to the bathroom and the lady who was dealing with the list of racers came over and said that she had a spot open in the last heat, which was mine if I wanted it. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and I took it. By the time my friend got back I was officially racing.

I know that I am making myself sound old with this next sentence, but the young ones, namely, the tweens and teens were all kitted out with helmets and their go-pros on their helmets and some even wore their harnesses (if that’s what you call it?) and they were flying… one kid did a lap in like 19 seconds. Then the grown ups started and the guys were just fast.

My friend raced and his best lap was just over 19 seconds. 19, 43 if I remember correctly. While his race was on, they called my heat’s people to the entrance. If you don’t have your own helmet, then you have to put a hairnet on and use the race track’s helmet. Luckily my friend had his helmet and said that I could use it, so straight after his race I had to get the helmet and run for my race.

So, I chose a car at the back of the pack, however, the marshal told me to move to the front car. Damn! That was something I didn’t want to do. I mean if you are planning on embarrassing yourself in front of about 100 strangers, you don’t go all out in car number one to do it in.

Anyways, after a quick “your brake is the left foot and your petrol is the right” I pulled up to the starting line in pole position . The lights flashed and we were off.

Let’s face it, I was overtaken by the guys immediately… but I think I held my own when it came to the chicks. According to my friend, I lapped the one three times. Then there was this one chickie who let the guys go past her, but she held me… I went wide, I went on the inside and when she finally screwed up I went past her. Muahahahaha.

The nice things about the racing was that they worked on the fastest lap times and not on the actual racing system that people are used to. Although I was worried that my laptimes would be at the 45 second mark. It wasn’t. My fastest lap of the evening was 23,17 seconds apparently. And I am happy to report that I didn’t crash or break an arm, so I was really chuffed with myself.

I must admit, that I started getting the hang of the steering and braking by the end and I realised that you have to be aggressive (which is great for my anger management problems lol), but I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. My friend did mention the determination in my eyes and at one stage he was trying to show me something from the sidelines, which I didn’t get. So I did say that we need to work on that secret code.

Anyways, it was a night to remember with great company, a fast go kart and well, me out of my comfort zone.

So, now I think that we have awoken the monster inside me. I will so go do it again and this time aim for the 20 second mark.

Anyways, happy long weekend everyone.







*Note: Still thinking of a cool psuedonym for friend.


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