Happy birthday to my American Boy

Dear American Boy,

You are 21 today. Congratulations.


I know this sounds cliche but you are an adult now. You are getting the key to unlock the door to the rest of your life. You are very far away, but I think of you everyday. I wonder what you are up to, I stalk your Facebook page to see if you are happy and well, my boy, it seems like you are. I know you aren’t big on replying to mails and posts, hence why I send them few and far between.

I remember the day you were born. You almost didn’t make it. I remember  how Ouma had to explain to me that your umbilical chord was around your neck and that your mom had to have an operation for your to come out. I was at the hospital, pacing up and down the corridor mimicking what your dad was doing, while your mom was in the theater. I remember your dad wasn’t allowed to go in and that was terrible for him. I remember that I was one of the first ones to see you in your tiny form in the incubator.

I remember how, for the first few months after you were born, I used to take the bus after school and come visit you and your mom (we lived about six blocks away from you). I remember how your mom used to teach me how to pick you up and change your nappy and I thank her for that. I learnt so much and I think that is why you ended calling me your big sister.

I remember how when you and your mom and dad moved away, how your dad used to pick me up during school holidays to come visit. I remember walking with you to the garage to go buy sweets. It was special times.

Then you moved away to America with your Mom. I know it broke your dad, but he knew you would have opportunities there that you would never have gotten in South Africa. Your new family has really looked after you well and your Mom has given you the opportunities that one can only dream of.

On this, your 21st birthday, I wish you health and happiness and tons of love. May all your hopes and dreams come true and may you always have a smile on  your face.

Remember that we love you a lot and miss you terrible.


Kitty and Ouma




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