Day nine: Seven things that frighten/scare you in life

Yes, I know that this is still challenge is still outstanding. Maybe I should have called this the 15 week or month challenge instead? LOL! I thought it would be best to get this done, so I will try my best to get this finished within the next week or two.

Here goes: Seven things that frighten/scare you in life (some of these can be silly I guess, but it made it onto the list).

  1. Being tied up and being forced to listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction songs all day. *gag*
  2. Mice, rats, hamsters, any rodent in fact. Strange how I am not scared of spiders or lizards or worms or moths but I completely freak out when I see a mouse, a rat or a hamster. In fact any rodent freaks me out.
  3. Being in a car accident and not being able to get out of the car.
  4. Horror movies. I am not a fan of those.
  5. Being physically/sexually abused or being raped, which let’s face it, is a possibility in our country, especially with the high rape statistics.
  6. Never falling in love. I think I have mentioned this before… I have never been in love and I guess it frightens me that I will never know what it feels like.
  7. Losing my senses and not being able to express myself.

So there you have it… the things that frighten/scare me in life.

Have a good Friday further.



4 thoughts on “Day nine: Seven things that frighten/scare you in life

    • Hmm… I have another fear that I will lose my mind… could happen cause my Dad had early onset of Alzheimer’s and my Gran (my Mom’s mom) had it too. Even if it skips a generation, I am gonna be screwed. LOL!

  1. Hahaha to # 1! One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure … *sigh* what I wouldn’t give to be tied up and serenaded by JB! I assume he would be there in person??? 😛

    I totally agree with # 3 and even have nightmares about it.

    As for # 6 … is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

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