The news…

Okay, so, a lot has happened in a space of two to three weeks.

Biker Man and Wifey are moving. Yes, they are taking the two lights of my life (Cutie Pie and Noodle) and moving to a new suburb… 45 minutes away.

That is a whole 65 km away.


I was and am still  shattered by the announcement.

I knew things were going to change when he started his new job. But then Wifey decided the nail business wasn’t for her  and found a job in Alberton.

This weekend they are getting the keys to the house that they are renting. They have arranged that Cutie Pie and Noodle stay with us from early Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon. On Monday the moving truck will come and move them and then they will be gone.

For practical reasons, I know why they are doing this namely, time constraints and petrol. But I am selfish and I don’t like change. I like having them close by. I know it isn’t a different continent and we don’t see the girlies during the week, but it is maybe just something that I have to get used to.

My Mom has accepted it. As she says it is their life and they have to decide what they need and want. But between you and me, I think my Mom is just trying to be strong. She has told them that they must visit every weekend, because she cannot expect me to take her to visit them as I have a life of my own to live.

So there you have it…  the big news that I said I would share.

Happy Thursday evening (almost Friday)!



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