You are doing what???


Okay, so last Sunday the Blonde One announced that he was getting married to The Blonde Girl at the end of September.


This is news that you don’t hear everyday and the first thing out of my mouth was… “IS SHE PREGNANT?”

Luckily he took it as a joke and said no… it was just time.

How can it be just time?

He is only 22-years-old!!!

I am sure that you can see from my reaction above and the fact that I have bolded the above, that I have still not wrapped my head around this one. I am still trying to get used to the idea. Do you really know who you are at 22? Yes, they have been together since they were in grade 11 (which means they were what? 16 or 17?) but they haven’t experienced life. Yeah sure they live together, but until recently, they didn’t even have steady jobs!

I just hope and pray that they aren’t making a mistake. Do you know how many people get married early in life and then a few years down the line they get divorced? I have spoken about starter marriages before here on my site (here and here).

I did speak to Rugby Man about this. He seems to think that it was coming whether we like it or not. It is their choice after all. I get that. My Mom says that maybe I am feeling this way because I thought that I would be settled before they decided to settle down. But I don’t think that’s the case. I am luckily not the only one who is worried about this. Biker Man is too.

I suppose that I should stop fretting about all this. They are young and in love and I guess all that I can do is offer them the support that they need. It is cool to think that I have known my nephew his whole life and now I will see him take this step. I have been asked to be the photographer and my Mom has been asked to do the cake. I guess we will help out where we can. So, for now, I sit back and watch as all this unfolds around me.

Happy Monday everyone!

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