Way too long…

I know, I know. I haven’t been here in a while.

I seemed to have lost interest in blogging, mainly because life has been all about work, work and work. I can hear what you are thinking. All work and no play makes Kat a dull girl. And yes, I was on that downward spiral.

Since the last time spoke to you, I have –

  • become a year older;
  • been ill with numerous ear infections, which turned out to be an abscess in my mouth (just finished appointment one of three with the dentist to have a root canal done);
  • missed my third blogaversary. I think this is one of the longest relationships I have had, besides the ones with my tattoos;
  • come back to an updated platform that I don’t like very much;
  • completed a supervisory skills management course;
  • interviewed people for my old position;
  • lost a whole 10 kilograms over a year. I am doing it the healthy way apparently, because this way means that it won’t come back?;
  • joined Tinder;
  • bought headphones at Pep stores for R 20;
  • given Rugby Man knives and forks as a house warming gift for his new place;
  • realised that family is the BEST support system you will EVER have!;
  • still not watched Fifty Shades of Grey;
  • become obsessed with The Fixer (Scandal for my American readers);
  • not caught up on all the blogs yet;
  • deleted Tinder;
  • deleted Twitter;
  • taken my niece on a date with me;
  • eaten the best ice cream I have EVER tasted;
  • realised that I really would like to have a kid of my own one day;
  • had a fit in a cellular shop and went to their rival and was assisted IMMEDIATELY;
  • received the best Christmas presents from my Mom, one of the PostSecret books and the Eiffel Tower (not the actual one silly);
  • a new nickname from Noodle, she calls me Umma (long story) or Kiki;
  • had my nails done by Mrs Biker Man (who was going to start her own business); and
  • listened to my sixth sense about a number of things.

So, this is not all of it, but let’s take it one step at a time?

Happy Thursday everyone,




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