Day four: Twelve random facts about yourself



I think I should have made this the 15 week challenge. Hahahaha I do apologise for the break in transmission, life has happened. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, but I feel that I have so much to tell you, but no time to actually sit down to write a proper post.

However, enough of my complaining… and back to the 15 day challenge and here it is – Day four: Twelve random facts/things about yourself.

In no particular order:

  1. I have green eyes and Cutie Pie has exactly the same colour eyes that I do. No one else in the family has green eyes.
  2. I tend to get bored very quickly.
  3. I like my own company.
  4. I always shave my right leg first.
  5. I cannot stand an untidy desk at the office and it has to be in order before I go home at night.
  6. I Google the people I meet.
  7. I Google myself.
  8. I cry in movies and TV shows.
  9. I am trying to lose weight. I have lost 8 kilograms already… still a long way to go, but slowly but surely, I will get there.
  10. I support breast cancer awareness.
  11. I sing in the church choir.
  12. I have never taken any recreational drugs in my life.

And there you go… there are twelve random things about me.

Have an awesome Tuesday further.



10 thoughts on “Day four: Twelve random facts about yourself

    • Thanks so much AD! And my green eyes? Well my mom thinks it is a throw-back in the family… you know how it skips a generation? However, none of my grandparents had green eyes either. Maybe my Mom just prayed very hard for a girl with red hair and green eyes? 😉

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