Oh dear, what have we here?

Last Thursday, my face was a little sore, it felt like toothache and yet, I couldn’t be sure, because my lower and upper jaw was sore, however, how could I have toothache when I was at the dentist in May. By Friday morning, I realised it could be my ear, so I put ear drops in and I was feeling much better, but by Friday night, I had sore again. By Saturday when the girls left my face was tender again and by Saturday night, it felt like someone punched me in my face. I took pain tablets and went to bed.

I woke up on Sunday morning and I felt much better, however, when I drank cold water, I had a shooting pain in my tooth and while in church, my upper and lower jaw started aching again, but really aching. I went to DisChem and decided to get some over the counter medication. While at DisChem the pharmacist asked various questions, but because I couldn’t pin point the exact location of the pain it was difficult to give me the right medicine. She ended up saying I should gargle with Disprin and keep on with the pain tablets and use toothache drops (that clove oil stuff). My dentist wasn’t on duty, so I couldn’t call her and well, I am a little afraid of dentists. I was in such pain that I cancelled my date (very disappointed about this) and stayed in, with a hot water bottle on my face, mentally preparing myself to call the dentist first this this morning.

However, I had to get through the night first. Last night was terrible. No matter how I tried to sleep, I couldn’t. On a scale of one to ten, my pain was at an eleven. This morning, I got to the office and called my dentist. She answered and said to come in straight away. I swear, I have never been so happy for a quick appointment. I sat in the chair, told her about my symptoms. She got the x-ray machine and took an x-ray of the top and bottom teeth, and guess what? There were no holes in my teeth or anything that could explain my sensitivity and pain. WTF?


She said that it seemed that my sinuses were playing a big role in the whole episode. In layman’s terms, your sinuses are above the nerves on your teeth and due to the bad sinus infection, that’s what was causing the sensitivity. At least the nerves were still alive, hence the sensitivity when drinking cold things. She said that if I left it longer it could have been bad. Anyways, she prescribed two antibiotics and two different pain pills for the inflammation and I have to call her on Friday if it is not better.

Anyways, I do suffer with sinus when the seasons change, but, I was not sick or feeling bad. This is the first time that I have EVER experienced this kind of toothache/ache. So, there you go another first for Kathleen… I mean what are the odds? I decided to ask my friend, Google, about the “sinus toothache” and this is what I found, for those who are interested.

Btw, she made me promise that if I feel worse, that I must let her know and she will book me off, however, we have deadlines again, so I cannot really take sick leave now. But she said that it was serious and like any other illness I need time to recuperate. I said I would let her know though.

So, I guess that’s all from me today.
Have a happy Monday further.



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