Babysitting for birthdays

So, today is Wifey’s 38th birthday. Happy birthday to Wifey. πŸ™‚ Last night when my Mom called to confirm something with her, she asked if we could babysit the girlies tonight and she was wondering if they could sleep over because she and my brother would like to go out and celebrate. Well, as usual, we jumped at the chance, cause it is fun having the girls over.

I wonder if they will be bringing pizzas again, like they did when we had to watch the girls for my brother’s birthday. Hmmm… pizzas. My serious downfall in life.

Anyways, when the girlies come around, it is almost like a slumber party. We have dinner, we throw them in the bath with bubbles and wait till they are all wrinkled up. After that we get them in their jammies. By then, Cutie Pie has selected a movie, her new favourite is “Horton hears a Who!” which is an old movie, but she recently discovered it in the collection, and then we open the sleeper couches and lay down to watch the movie… by around 22:00 both girlies are sleeping and well, usually I am too.

Some nights are better than others. Sometimes Noodle wakes up a few times, but like the last times, she slept through the night. Cutie Pie has a bad habit of talking in her sleep, which freaks me out a little, especially when she giggles. She also grinds her teeth sometimes, which sounds just as odd… I guess you can tell from the above sentence that normally that means no good nights rest for me. LOL!

Early on Saturday morning, you can hear Noodle stirring and by the time you get to her, she is smiling at you. By 7 am then the whole house is awake and wanting food… after that, everyone gets dressed and then playtime starts… Cutie Pie likes building puzzles and Noodle, well, Noodle plays with anything really… normally by 10 am or sometimes later, their parents come and pick them up.

When they leave, the house is almost too quiet again. Btw, Noodle will be two on the 19th of September. Can you believe it? I was saying to my mom that I have learnt so much this time round with feeding and nappies and how she developed. It is so amazing. Anyways, I told Wifey that I will be taking the girlies to the zoo cause I have decided no more presents for them. We will go on outings for birthdays. My Mom agrees. So, that’s the plan.

Anyways, that’s enough ramblings from me for today… Have a happy weekend everyone. πŸ™‚



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