What are aunts for??

This morning I had to go to Biker Man’s house, because the cubbyhole handle in my car broke. Apparently, my Mom is the Hulk cause when she tried to open the cubbyhole, the lever just broke off… It was so funny.

Anyways, when we got there the girlies were still in their pyjamas and Wifey was just too glad to see us, cause that meant that we would get the girls dressed and ready before here dad and step mom arrived to visit. It is amazing that with my Mom there, Noodle sits still to have her hair done and get dressed. Wifey says that when she does it Noodle goes running around like it is a big joke.  Btw,  Deb who blogs here on WordPress has written an article for the Woolworths website… go check it out… It is really informative and yes, PJs rule in our house too!. 😉

Wifey had another “episode” this week. Apparently she says she didn’t know she had it. See, she is working from home now and well, she says she sat down on the bench in the lounge and woke up later the afternoon, she says she thought she fell asleep and didn’t think anything about it. Then on Thursday after dropping the girls off at school, she felt weird, like that day at the mall and stopped at her GP who confirmed that she was suffering the after effects of the episode. She mentioned that it might be gynaecological because it happens while she is having her period, TMI? So, now that is another avenue they are looking into.

So, we caught up on life while having coffee and rusks… and guess what… I decided to teach Noodle how to dunk the rusk in the coffee and then eat it… hahahaha. We had so much fun doing that, even though I had coffee all over my jeans from where Noodle messed. Wifey reminded me that I did the same with Cutie Pie too… and after that no cup of coffee was safe.

My reply to the situation was “well that’s what aunts are supposed to do”. We teach kids stuff. Useful stuff.  Like the pic says:

Crazy aunt

I don’t think that Wifey realises that she can do the same with my kids one day when I have them. Btw, speaking about having kids of my own… I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I think I have some decisions to make for the future.

Oh and after this whole post, the good news is that Biker Man did get into the cubbyhole and I got my car’s manual and CD’s out. 🙂 What would I do without my big brother? Hahaha

Anyways, have a good weekend. 🙂



2 thoughts on “What are aunts for??

    • At least someone agrees 😉

      I didn’t know that… I was so shocked when I read your comment. I think it may be the cause of the “episodes” cause now there is discussion of a hysterectomy in the future… I will speak to hear later tonight to see what they said.

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