Random update…

I did it…

So remember I mentioned before that I was ill? Well, I finally went to the doctor, after weeks of being sick. By Tuesday, I couldn’t anymore, I was coughing really bad, so I called and got an appointment for Wednesday. The Doctor said I had acute sinusitis which needed meds as soon as possible before it moved down to my chest. So, after a shot and a whole batch of antibiotics I was out of there.

After the appointment, I had to go to the office to sort some things out, even though the Doctor booked me off till Monday. I got all that sorted and went home. On Thursday, I did not get out of bed and I must admit I do not feel guilty about that. I think a person’s body just lets you know that you will go till here and no further. You need the rest, especially when you are ill.

On Friday, it was much the same; however, I did some layout for the magazine. I sent in six articles to the acting editor that I done the layout on, so there are only a few more to do before my deadline. Yeah, deadlines are around the corner again.

We just got some shocking news from Biker Man this morning. He has decided to give up biking, well, for now, and focus more on his family. I think this has happened because of the big scare Wifey had. Anyways, he sold his BMW RR 1000 to Rugby Man, and well, gave up his presidency of his chapter and that’s the end of it. I most probably won’t change his name on the blog; he will always be a Biker Man. I haven’t spoken to Rugby Man yet, but I am sure he looks great on the BM. 😉

So, remember last year I bought my beloved Nikon Camera? Well, I realised earlier this week that I never went for that free training that I got with the camera bundle I bought. I decided to change it that… Today I registered for that training, almost a year after I got the camera. 🙂 I will be going for training on 26 July at 08:30. It is early for a Saturday morning, but I want to get the training done before the big air show at Waterkloof Air Force Base in September.

Anyways, that’s just a random update from me…

Have a good weekend.




9 thoughts on “Random update…

  1. All credit to Biker Man for such a dramatic decision. Perhaps he knows that, like a drug, if it is still there he won’t be able to ‘cool it’. Hope you are now recovering completely.

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