Painting with the girls

So, the Saturday before Father’s day this year, we decided to “steal” the girls. Actually, Wifey had an incident where she passed out in the car at the mall and Cutie Pie was with her. She came round with Cutie Pie shouting hysterically “Mommy, Mommy, wake up”. She says she must have been out for about four to five minutes and when she woke up, she had pins and needles in her legs and arms. She called my brother immediately and he rushed home from work. That afternoon she went to her doctor. They ruled out a heart attack and they were pretty sure it was epileptic fit. It was the long weekend and she could only see the neurosurgeon on the Tuesday. Her doctor said she should try take it easy for the weekend, and that’s where my Mom and I come in. πŸ˜‰

Cutie Pie didn’t want to leave her mom, for obvious reasons. The poor kid was traumatised and the strangest thing is that no one at the mall even tried to help Wifey or Cutie Pie. After some discussions, Cutie Pie eventually did decide it would be better by us, because I promised her that we would paint and that she and Ouma were going to bake cupcakes and that we would watch Frozen (for the hundredth time). Noodle came along too, because she is big enough to realise that she cannot be left behind.

We decided that we were going to paint. We were going to make hand prints on paper for Bikerman as a Father’s Day gift. Well, lets just say that after a struggle, we eventually got the hand prints done and the girlies loved getting all dirty with the paint. I think the photos speak for themselves…

After that, my mom and Cutie Pie baked some Barbie cupcakes and I put Noodle down to nap. We went walking about the complex and then we finally took them home at about 19:00 that night. They were both tuckered out but I think we did a good job of taking Cutie Pie’s mind off of the experience from the day before.

Oh and just to let you know, after a stay in hospital, a series of tests, scans and ECG’s etc, it seems that Wifey has a valve in her heart that is not working too lekker. The Doctor said that we could rule out the following: A heart attack, an epileptic fit, a brain tumor. It would seem the main cause of this is stress. She has to go back to him in three months time.

Anyways, have a good Monday further.

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6 thoughts on “Painting with the girls

    • Wifey said that now she knows why the girls always want to sleep over. πŸ™‚ I hope she gets better soon too… the worst is not knowing what was wrong.

  1. So it’s not just me that’s got a knack for painting πŸ˜‰
    I hope that Wifey gets better soon. And I know exactly what you mean when you say that it’s horrible not knowing

    • Well, our painting was more smudges than actual art work. πŸ˜‰

      Her symptoms were a lot like yours TA… and yes, I can totally relate with the not knowing part. It is difficult to explain it when you aren’t in the situation yourself. Have you heard from the medical aid yet?

      • They’ve sent me emails regarding the claims for all the other expenses like doctors fees, blood test and the hospital stay but I’ve heard nothing about the scan yet

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