Oh dear… what have we here?

Hello dear blogland…

Firstly… to all my American readers Happy belated Independence Day. 🙂

Secondly… I do apologise for my absence, but there has been a lot happening in life and to top it all off… I have been sick… it all started last Wednesday, 25 June… I started off with a sore throat, which became a terrible dry cough. I cannot take a sick day from the office, because we are short staffed, but I stayed in my office and made sure not to get into contact with anyone and by last Friday night, I doctored myself with some effervescent tablets, cough mixture and sinus tablets, not that I had a sinus drip, but I was throwing caution to the wind. By Saturday I actually started feeling better.

We (my Mom and I) babysat the girls and they were supposed to sleep over… but by Saturday afternoon, my Mom got ill. So, I had to call my brother to come pick up the girls. He did pick them up, at about 19:30 that evening. Which meant that I had to bath and feed them. Who knew that I could actually do all that on my own?

That night however… Cutie Pie got sick…

See, she ate more than her allotted three fish fingers. She ate the three plus the four I had in my plate. So, Biker Man and Wifey went through two vomiting sessions that night. I think it ended up being a bit like your episode with the Strawberry Lips Harmz, except with fish. Cutie Pie apparently vomited all over my brother and after that episode, my brother and Wifey did not even have a clean beach towel in the house.

That was not the worst apparently… the worst was the smell (I bet their cat went crazy) and at 07:00 they were up trying to do a bundle of washing when… the electricity went off. Turns out that the lights would be out for three days because vandals vandalised the power station…. *sigh* The whole area’s electricity was affected.

That’s when they decided to call me awake to tell me that if I ever give Cutie Pie fish fingers again. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, my Mom couldn’t get out of bed… which was odd, because that is not how I know her. On Monday, I took her to the Doctor, who gave her an antibiotic and booked her off till Thursday. It was after the Doctor’s appointment that I started feeling bad again. However, I went to work, got home, made dinner, but by 20:00 every night I was gone… fast asleep till 06:15 the next morning.

I am still ill, but my dry cough has changed into a wet cough. My Mom is still ill too. We even had a bowl of soup for lunch… which is what sick people eat apparently.

Oh, and btw, the lights came on eventually and my brother and his family are all okay. Not too traumatised after that fishy session. They came over to bath by us on Sunday and Monday, but on Tuesday, their friends said they could visit them for dinner and bath time. Biker Man says the lights came on at 21:10 on Tuesday evening.

I trust I will feel more like myself in the days to come… and that I will be posting soon again. 😉

Being Sick


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