Life, love and everything else (part 3)

Click here for part 1 and part 2.

So, that is how it started… my search to find a potential “beau”.

I knew it would not be an easy task… hell, putting yourself out there is very difficult, especially if you are like me, a person who tends to be a little shy at first. Some people mistake it for being snobbish, but that is not true.

ANYWAYS, I am sure you are interested in some of the men I came across?

*Please note that this list does not contain all of the men I came across, I’ll sound like a virtual slut if I had to go into all the responses I had.
**This list is in no particular order.

The Rocker. Now which girl doesn’t like a guy who can play guitar? Anyways, he liked tattoos, had a few as well, had older siblings, liked Batman (so do I, although the Avengers are more my thing) and Game of Thrones (I still haven’t watched it), we related on a few levels. We went out for coffee on a Saturday afternoon, cause he had to work the evening. Turns out he was a waiter, and that is what I think went wrong. I think I intimidated him, cause, I was aiming for the promotion at work and he was looking for a place to rent with his friends. Maybe I sounded a little too settled? I heard from him a few times after that… but there was no follow up date. We are friends on FB and I see he did, eventually, find a place to stay with his friends.

There was a guy from Cape Town who shared the same birthday as me. I know, what are the odds right? He was younger than me, however, he was a bit too clingy for my liking. Note to potential beaus out there… If I do not answer a WhatsApp immediately, especially during the day, it means I am busy at work. Deal with it.

Namibia Boy came along and he is from… yes, you guessed it… Namibia. This is obviously a bit too far for me. He still messages me now and again and sends me pretty pics of the open spaces around him. He is cool and actually reminds me of one of my best friends from high school. They share the same name and he is around my age. It is obvious that I am the chick he chats to when he gets lonely, I don’t mind really. I like the conversation. The bonus part is that I guess I could use his address if I ever need to run away from South Africa (because there are no extradition rights/agreements between SA and Namibia).

There was the other Game of Thrones fan. He was a few years older than me… divorced with kids and he is from JHB. We went on a date… it was nice… but then for the second date, I was stood up cause he needed to be elsewhere. Now, I have NEVER been stood up in my life, so it was all new to me. Anyways, he said rain check… and well, that never happened. Maybe he met someone else? Maybe he had other things happening in life because we went from sending messages all day and all night (okay very late nights) to nothing, nada, niks. It was very strange, but hey, each person to his own right?

Then there were two guys who I chatted too… both with the same name and around the same age. I called them Bloemfontein and Krugersdorp. Both are nice guys. Once again, they live too far away though. What is it with me and far away guys? Bloemfontein’s mom actually lives down the road from me, we were still going to meet up over a long weekend in April, when he came to visit her, but that never happened.

Oh and there have been chats with –

  • a detective (obviously not telling him about my Namibia idea lol);
  • the dad who worked from home with three kids;
  • the foreigner from Israel or Lebanon or someplace in the desert;
  • the office assistant who was too eager to meet; and
  • the guy who sent me random pics of himself which included a blue bruise on his bum after he fell down some stairs (I can hear you laughing your arse off with this one).

But wait… I saved the best for last…

The Sandton show off aka the body builder who asked if I was into Fifty shades of Grey because he was into baby oil and latex and being spanked. I kid you not… he seriously told me that in the first message he sent me.

I deleted him.



8 thoughts on “Life, love and everything else (part 3)

    • You have no idea… maybe he is locked away in a tower with a dragon keeping watch over him? That or he got lost and hasn’t asked for directions. LOL!

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