Are you hot or not?

So, I received a WhatsApp today… It was an old friend asking how I was. I replied and said I am good (because he didn’t need to know more than that) and being a polite person, I said, how are you? He replied “I am freezing my ass off”. I rolled my eyes and replied: “So is the rest of South Africa”.

He never replied. I guess that put an end to that conversation. Muahahahahaha.

So, it would seem the cold front has hit us. However, Zee questioned earlier why I am not dressed warmly. I have two layers on, a scarf, jeans and tekkies. I honestly thought I was dressed warmly. Random fact about me… when my feet are warm, then I’m warm… Oh wait, shouldn’t that be hot? *wink wink*

Oh, the hot comment reminds me of a PostSecret this week:


Does it really matter where we meet people these days?

Anyways, so I guess, all the hot water bottles, heaters, warm clothes and blankets are out… I just hope Eskom, does not decide to load shed soon because my Mom has to back 140 cupcakes tonight and tomorrow. I know JHB has had problems and that they are working on them, but I do hope it doesn’t come to Centurion. However, if it does happen, the back up plan would be to do what the Russians do… resort to Vodka. 😉

I have the task of decorating the cupcakes tomorrow. I do hope I wake up in a creative mood tomorrow so that I can work my magic and make them look awesome! 😉

Have a happy weekend. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Are you hot or not?

  1. Sheez it is cold in Cape Town mountains are all draped with snow when we look out towards Paarl,Stellenbosch and Franschoek.Heater and all blankets are out and in use.
    140 cupcakes is a marathon bake,good luck with all the icing

  2. On Friday I wore: a thermal vest, two long-sleeve shirts, stockings, long socks, fur leggings [yes fur leggings!], a dress over all that … and a thick lined jacket and scarf and long boots and a beanie … phew … I felt like an eskimo – but rather that than an iceblock!

    I hope the cupcakes came out well.

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