Thursday rant…

So, apparently, I drive fast… well that is what Zee’s hubby says. I passed them on the way to work earlier this week. He says one moment he saw me and the next I was gone…

He is not the only person who has commented on it. My Mom said the same thing the other day, however, she said something along the lines of “you need to be more patient especially in traffic, because you know how to move your car and she responds, but take it a tad bit slower”. I still laughed cause even though I know how much I can push my car, my little 1400 VW Chico, is not as fast as the other cars out there. I mean can you just imagine WHAT I could do with a fast car? And even if I had the fast car would I be pushing it to the extreme on our roads? I highly doubt it.

Anyways, random fact but… I got my licence when I was 20. On 1 December 2003, on World Aids Day nogal. I will never forget the date, cause I was told to take a condom or ten when I got my temporary licence. I still remember looking at the guy in an odd way, because at varisty, the clinic handed out condoms stapled to pamphlets… Do you see the irony? I wonder how many kids were born the following year. Hahahaha

Anyways, the post today is a bit of a rant… something that gets to me and irks me a lot….

It is the people in the fast expensive cars, who drive like idiots because…

wait for it…

they are talking on their mobile phones…


When you have a fast expensive car, it should come with a hands free and you should use it! I must admit, even though it pains me to say this… but the above fact is to be blamed on the female species. HOWEVER, please note that not all of us chicks do the above!

I know I have ranted about chicks driving and doing make up in the mornings… and I have ranted about the Russians and their 4x4s. But seriously, do people not understand that you cannot drive properly if you are concentrating on holding your phone up to your ear? Maybe I am being too bitchy about this, but my life is at stake here… not to mention the other innocent road users. Okay, so that’s my rant.

Have a good Thursday further.

4 thoughts on “Thursday rant…

  1. During my time, you were allowed to go to the testing station to make your booking. So I spent my 18th birthday standing in a queue and got my licence the very next day 🙂

  2. My kids also complaint that I drive fast [yet I never exceed the speed limit]. They’re just used to us sitting in traffic getting to school which results in crawling at 20km/h so when I actually get to 60 km/h it feels like we’re speeding!

    On the other hand, I call Star driving Miss Daisy because he drives at 40 km/h even when there’s NO traffic.

    Personally, I feel whether you are on a cellphone, or talking on hands-free – your concentration still isn’t on the road.

    • Hahaha Harmz… I used to feel the same with my mom, but, I think she taught me well. 😉

      I wish Star would give my nephews some lessons on driving slowly… cause those boys don’t know what slow is.

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