I think I am a hoarder…

Well, not those hoarders that you see on TV. I am not THAT bad… and btw, those people need serious help, it isn’t right to have THAT much stuff around. It is sad actually…

About two weeks ago, I was looking for something on my external hard drive. I bought the hard drive a few years ago. I remember I paid R 1000 for 500 GB. Times have changed because you can get a 1 TB hard drive for the same price these days.

Anyways, I was looking for something specific and decided to do a search and I’ll give you a guess how many photos I have on that hard drive…

Go on…


Kat doing what she does best... hiding behind the camera. ;)

Kat doing what she does best… hiding behind the camera. 😉

I have the grand amount of over 72 000 photos.

WTF? When did I ever take all 72 000 photos?

I know that the archives on the drive date back to 2005. So, I guess that explains it? I obviously need to do some house cleaning where that is concerned. I am just not sure where I’ll find the time to do that? I was thinking, maybe I should just go buy that TB hard drive and start from scratch and sort them all out? Maybe I should post those really awesome ones that I find? Share them with the world? I’ll still decide what to do with it all.

Besides the photos, there are other important documents on there… things like CVs from my whole family, my dissertation from Varisty, my Dad and Gran’s obituaries, etc. However, when I do the spring cleaning, all the unnecessary things WILL be deleted.

So there you have it… I am a hoarder of photos, files and other documents… Thank goodness it is all on a hard drive and NOT actual things in my house. 😉

Happy Thursday everyone.



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