The world around you

My Nieces

So, this weekend the girlies (Cutie Pie and Noodle) came over to visit. Actually as I mentioned before, Biker Man and Wifey wanted to go on a breakfast run. Now, Biker Man said that the breakfast run would be till 11:30, however, that was not the case… I received a call from my beloved brother at 15:00 and was asked to drop the girlies off at home by 16:00. Luckily I have a key to his house and a remote for the gate, or else we would have waited till almost 16:30 before they got home. *face palm*

Anyways that is not the point of my post…

Biker Man and Wifey brought the girlies to us and stayed to braai. Rugby Man couldn’t make it cause he is on his Annual Rugby Trip in Hoedspruit and The Cop is on a course. Anyways, so Biker Man was asking about my new job, the possible new car I am looking to buy at the end of the year (he was already giving me advice about what to look out for…. just like a big brother should 😉 ) and he seemed genuinely interested in my life. It was a good evening.

Anyways, the point of my post is that after this weekend, I officially love the way kids look at the world.

I love their views and their attitudes towards the world around us and I love how genuine and true they are. I think it is a pity that as we grow up, we loose that “genuineness” along the way. Yes, I know, when we grow up we see many things that influence our lives. We end up being hurt and disappointed by the people around us but do we really have to lose that child like wonder and imagination?

I love that my nieces don’t judge a me as a person. They don’t care if I am dressed in the latest fashion or if my hair is long or short or up or down or pink or blue. They don’t care what I look like (body wise) or if I have a zit on my face or not. They aren’t fussed about thematerial things that I can offer them. It doesn’t that matter to them.

What does matter is that I am there for them. That I talk to them, read to them, sing with them, chase them around the house and tickle them. They love me for me and they trust that I will never let anyone hurt them. They know I will fight for them in any situation. That kind of love is genuine and I thank God everyday that I can experience it through them. It gives a person hope that not everything in the world is bad.

It turns out that I am allowed to feel so fiercely about the girlies. My brother said that if anything happens to him and Wifey, that the girlies will stay with me. My Mom will obviously have to help cause lets face it, there is still a lot to learn. So, it is official… I am considered their guardian. What a responsibility to have and what an honour, that my brother and wifey trust me so much.

Anyways, so that’s my musing for today.
Have a happy Wednesday.


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