Things on my side… (part 2)

So, I mentioned before that the rest of my post would follow… Well here goes.


At home life has been good. I have discovered from an article in a magazine that I am called a PANK. What’s that you might ask? Well it is a Professional Aunt – No Kids. It is the new generation of Aunts who are career focused and don’t have their own kids, but spoil their nieces and nephews. I must be doing something right cause all that Cutie Pie wants to do is sleep over at our house. So, that’s what is planned for this weekend. They (Cutie Pie and Noodle) are sleeping over on Saturday night. See, when Biker Man and wifey need some alone time or need to go on a breakfast run, then our house is the drop off place. This week it is for a breakfast run. I will be taking the girls shopping for pjs and well, we will have a slumber party in our new pjs while we all watch Frozen for the tenth time. 😉


Today the magazine goes to print. It would seem that I have survived my first month…. yay! Although not without a last cancellation of an article and a page number problem.

See when magazine’s are designed they have to be in multiples of four. So I should have had either 48 or 52 pages. I ended up with 50. So after chatting to the editor, we had to cut two on Friday. This month’s issue is 48 pages. The other thing is that I have to really concentrate on my layout skills. Yes, I have done it all before, but my eye isn’t trained yet for the magazine, which means that I need to focus on that.

So, my editor leaves on Friday on four months maternity leave. She is having a little boy in June and I think she really needs this time cause she says she is so tired. I do hope and pray everything goes well. Another lady at the office (not in my department) announced that she too is pregnant. It never ends does it? LOL!


So, I went to the Dr the other day, all is good with me health wise, except that she sent me for glucose tests. Turns out I am not diabetic, which I could have told her and my Mom, but it was only a precaution test, but I am on antibiotics thanks to my whacked out hormones *rolls eyes*

Also, I was considering going for another tattoo this weekend… I was going to celebrate my promotion. However, now I am in two minds about it, and I don’t know why. It is odd really. Maybe I will still change my mind, who knows, but I think the reason why I am over thinking this is because I am not sure WHERE I would like to have it. Any suggestions for where I could put this will be welcome. 😉 I was thinking of getting something like this:

Que Sera Sera

Btw, random piece of info… I am a whole 30 and a half years old today, the same day the Rubik’s cube is 40 (according to Google). 😛

Okay, so I am out of here. Have a good Monday further.



10 thoughts on “Things on my side… (part 2)

  1. I have ingrained and old-fashioned ideas about tattoos.
    I know a lot of PANKs! Some CANKs, too. (Casual – not really that interested.)
    Great that the edition has been put to bed, but I feel sorry for anyone who got dumped with the two pages!

    • Don’t worry Col, most uhm, people in advanced wisdom do have those ideas. 🙂

      That’s the beauty of it… no one got dumped. It was all about clever layout and design. 😉

  2. I’ve never heard of a PANK before. Now I’ll never forget it! Lol
    I can’t help with the tattoo, I have absolutely no idea where the best place for things like that 😉

  3. Really not a tattoo person but have always like the look of dandelions being blown away.
    Sounds like work is good and you are going to be busy with boss on maternity leave.
    Aunts without kids rock ,my sister is one of these and she spends ridiculous amounts on my kids and buys the coolest brand name clothes for them….they adore her!

    • Well, the boss has been away and it has been bearable… although there is a lot to do. We are already working on the July issue. Anyways, when I decide on the tattoo, I’ll let everyone know.

      And see there can be nothing wrong with a PANK around. 😉

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