Happy mother’s day!

A happy mother’s day to all the Mothers out there… I hope you have been spoilt today. 🙂 🙂 🙂


My day started off with a rough start, mainly thanks to my brothers. You know I love them a lot, but what is it about dudes being… uhm… what’s the word? Stoopid?

My wonderful brothers, decided to send my Mom, happy mother’s day wishes on WhatsApp. My WhatsApp nogal. You cannot be serious! REALLY? Is your Mom only worth an instant message? Am I wrong to feel that they should have called her instead? Or am I just a different kind of kid?

I replied back, asking the one (Rugbyman) if he was cross with her (or me actually, cause I k*ked his kid out on Tuesday night) but, thanks anyways for the message. I would pass it along. It must of hit home, cause he phone her after church and wished her a good day.

The second (Bikerman) told me how ill he was in his message, but wished her a happy day, oh and if we wanted to pop around, we could. WTF? I proceeded to tell him that I was going to spoil my Mom due to the fact that her kids didn’t call. Ten minutes later, his wife phoned and wished my Mom a happy day with the girls.

So, with that, we went to church, where the Sunday School kiddies gave all the mommies cookies (awww) that they decorated and then after that I took my Mom to Mugg & Bean for lunch. See, and then the boys wonder why my Mom and I get on so well?

Anyways, after that we went slipper shopping and had a good day.

Word of advice to the kids out there… yes, mother’s day is a commercialised day to make money… but mom’s have feelings and even if it is a phone call, just ring them and tell them you appreciate them. They did give birth to you and look after you after all.



6 thoughts on “Happy mother’s day!

  1. My son didn’t so much as greet me on Mother’s Day – let alone phone, BBM or text me … and we live in the same house! *sob*

    Your mom is very fortunate to have you Kat!

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