Why I never ended up walking in that fun walk…


Yes, my dear readers… I think the above image says it all this week.

So, I never told you guys how the walk went last week. Well, we ended up missing the walk. *gasp*

See, on Friday night, Biker Man wanted to go out with wifey… and seeing that we were gonna go pick the girls up at like 07:00, Biker Man thought it would be best for the girlies to sleep over. Like his sister doesn’t have a social life. LOL!

Anyways, so at 04:00 on Saturday morning, Noodle decided to wake the whole house up, actually only My Mom and I, which was fine with me. I should have stayed up, but  were all fast asleep again by 04:20.

So, at 07:30, I heard a little voice saying: “Tickty, (Cutie Pie’s name for me cause she swops the letters around) the sun is up, we must wake up.” I woke up, saw the time and we were late… *facepalm* It was too late to get to the race that started at 08:00.

Anyways, we still went around to the school. We got there at about 09:30 and well, everyone had finished walking. However, we did support the stalls that were selling food and books… I got copies of Roald Dahl‘s Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Charlie and the glass elevator for R 10 each. I also got Noodle and Cutie Pie on the jumping castle. They got candy floss, popcorn and red cold drinks. 😉 My mom got some bargains on books too. Oh and the best thing… I bought three stamp collectors books (which have never been used) and bound in that dark maroon, royal blue and emerald green. I have decided to use them as photo albums. I am thinking I should start on that project this weekend.

Oh wait, just got a call, we are babysitting the girls tomorrow… so scratch that last idea. LOL!

That afternoon, we ended up taking the girlies back to their parents, and then we stayed for a braai at my brother’s place… Good thing Nice Guy and I didn’t have any bets on, cause I would have lost dismally… Maybe it was a lucky streak?

Anyways, I am sure there will be other walks in the future that I’ll go do. I know they have one every month at the Pretoria Zoo. I might just look into that. 🙂 I think it could only be a lot of fun and it isn’t about winning or losing, it is about enjoying yourself.

But enough about me… have a good weekend everyone.



6 thoughts on “Why I never ended up walking in that fun walk…

  1. LOL .. that’s your excuse and you are sticking to it ‘ey? 🙂 Although – all is not lost – at least you scored some good books.
    Re the interview – you are going to tell us the outcome? Holding thumbs!
    Have an awesome weekend

    • Thank PC… I haven’t heard anything yet, but will let you all know when I do hear anything, I guess I will have to wait some more… lol.

      Have a great weekend too. 🙂

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