Who am I kidding?

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Tomorrow morning, I am supposed to wake up at 6 am to be at a fun walk at 7:30 am. Seriously? What was I thinking when I said I would participate? I know it is a walk and not a run but I am still not sure if I will be walking the 5 or 10 km.

At least I got some “practise” in on Wednesday. I had to take the Model to the UIF (unemployment offices) in town. See, the Model was dismissed from his job, which sucks and not only for him but everyone around him, especially Rugby Man. One of Biker Man’s friends can get him a position somewhere, but thanks to all the rain, the site’s that the friend is supposed to take him to have been closed down till everything dries up. Don’t ask me what the work is, that’s all I got out of the whole conversation.

Anyways, so while he is waiting for the new job to come through, he cannot be without money, because he has a car to pay, etc. So I went with him to register for unemployment benefits at the UIF. From there, we had to go get recruitment forms at the Defence force, because at least they offer different careers paths, however, they could not help. Not without a matric certificate. *rolls eyes* Then we went to the Police Head Office… btw, I walked in there and well, no one even asked why there were strange people in the head office. There was no one at the entrance to the building, no people to assist. I eventually ended up with the detectives, who all had their service weapons on their hips. One of them helped me… but it seriously makes you wonder why no one really trusts the cops anymore…. From there we had to go to the bank… and then to the High Court cause I had to go pick up something there. The SABC and ENCA vans were parked outside, even though Oscar was not there. (Btw, I see his trial has been postponed to 7 April now.) From there all the way back to the car. By that time it was 13:00. I messaged my editor and told her that I wouldn’t be in the afternoon. We must have walked the whole Pretoria CBD flat and all I can say is thank goodness, that I had tekkies on.

So, now the Model went back this morning to hand all the necessary documents in. I hope he comes right, although he is 23 and a man and should take responsibility for his actions. I mean at 23 my brother was married with a kid. When I was 23 my dad was diagnosed with his illness. I have realised that my nephews are both spoilt and need to start taking responsibility for their lives.

Speaking about nephews, it is the AMERICAN’s birthday today. He is 20-years-old. I remember the day he was born, actually the night… They took his mom in for an emergency c-section and I was pacing up and down the corridors with Biker Man. Can’t believe how the time has flown by. šŸ™‚

Happy birthday my American Boy… I hope that your day is as awesome and great as you are. Welcome to the 20’s. Enjoy them and always stay cool. šŸ™‚


So, that’s it from me…
Have a happy Friday further and enjoy your weekend.



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