A second post from me

Oh my word people… Yes! I know!

This is my second post this week…. shall I run out and go check for rain clouds? 😉

Yes, it was/is raining in Pretoria and I personally think I am one of a very few people that really loves this kind of weather. The soft sprinkling of rain on the roof outside my window while laying in bed at night is so nice. Yes, I like the chill in the air and I know the washing is not getting dry, but I don’t mind. Anyways, enough of the weather.

Remember I mentioned in December that I had to renew my driver’s licence? Well, I picked up my driver’s licence on Friday and bought my car’s licence as well. So, yes, I am on the roads again for the next four years… please take note of that. 🙂 My photo looks pretty decent this time, not like that horrible previous one, which I will NEVER show anyone. It is like my ID book. I was 16 when I went for my ID book and I look sooooo young on that pic, no one except my Mom has seen that photo. 🙂

So, remember that I mentioned I got a new phone? Well, I have had it for a little more than two months, but do you know how frustrating it is to use a touch screen phone? I want to throw it against the wall and just go back to using my beloved BB. The only awesome thing about my phone is the apps I have found. Whisper is one of my favourites. It is a bit like PostSecret where instead of sending your secrets on postcards, you do it on your mobile phone. I haven’t been brave enough to post anything, but it is fascinating reading other people’s “secrets”.

Btw, did anyone watch the Oscars? I mean the Academy Awards and not the Oscar Trial. I sooo badly wanted to watch, but our DSTV decided to lose signal as it started and only came right an hour into the show, by then I wasn’t interested in watching anymore. I will wait for the repeat to show sometime or other. I hear that Ellen did a great job in the hosting of the show and well, this selfie says and shows it all:

APTOPIX 86th Academy Awards - Audience

One of the best selfie’s ever!

Anyways, I am so chuffed that Jared Leto won best supporting actor… Yes, I have a MAJOR crush on him… and his band. 😛 Oh, and how awesome was Pink when she sang the Wizard of Oz Tribute?

So, the Oscar Trial has started… are you watching/listening? I have my headphones in my ears and listening to the radio on my mobile at work. I must admit, that when I edit articles, the earphones come out. It is too much to listen to the questions being asked, answered and trying to concerntrate on law articles. LOL!

Anyways, I do hope you are all well… I will catch up with everyone’s blogs in the next few days. 🙂



6 thoughts on “A second post from me

  1. Rain sounds like Cape winters .Touch screen phones take a while to get used to,downloaded a cool app called swift key that allows you to swipe across letters instead of having to tap them,it’s pretty cool and learns along the way so gets used to your lingo fast….give it a bash.
    Watched the Oscars,both of them,Hubbie is so engrossed with the trail he keeps the tv on the channel and rewinds so he doesn’t miss a think,advantage of working from home……kind of reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial…..you don’t really want to watch but curiosity gets the better of you.Have a good week hopefully the sun shines sometime so the washing will get dry

    • I see the rain has started by you Deb… at least we have had a few days of sunshine. So, the washing is getting dry now. 🙂

      I think curiosity is getting the better of me too, cause my earphones are always in my ears at the office. 🙂

  2. I’m so sick of this weather. Literally. Since the rain started so have my sinuses, so I’m not a happy camper. Bring on the sunshine!

    I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I am following the Oscar trial on 702. I am the company newsy and have to give all staff regular updates.

    I also got a new phone, but I hate it so I’m back to using my old phone. What can I say, absolutely faithful to my darling BB 😉

  3. I like rain as long as I can stay at home. If I need to go out, then the rain drives me insane!
    I’m so tired of hearing about Oscar now, surely there must be some other news that’s happening in our country! I think something like the police brutality down in the Cape should be getting more coverage than this trial. But that’s just my opinion…

    • Dude, that brutality in CT was hectic… but then came Nkandla and the Public Protector and the plan that disappeared. It has been a few hectic weeks in the news.

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