Valentine’s Day comes but once a year…

and thank goodness for that! Last night I decorated over 70 Valentine’s day cupcakes. All Red Velvet of course for people to give to their loved ones.  Hey, if anything we make people fat. 😛 But this is not the point of my post.


While decorating the above, I was thinking of an episode of Mike & Molly that was on TV recently. In it Molly tells Mike that they shouldn’t go big for Valentines Day. Of course, being a dude, Mike doesn’t plan anything. So, the day before Valentine’s Dayhe confirms with her and she says, “Just a nice dinner, nothing fancy”. Well, see this is where Mike gets all flustered, because he did not arrange ANYTHING for the day. No flowers or dinner, so he piggy backs on his best friend Karl’s plans, with disastrous consequences.

Now class, what did we learn about this episode? LOL!

But seriously… I am giving a little word of advice to all the men who read this blog.

If a woman says, “don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day,” then go out and buy her flowers or arrange something special for her so that she can feel loved. NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS. This will give you MAJOR brownie points and she will also brag about this to her friends and colleagues and you will be the HERO of the day.

Yes, I have said before that this is all a money making scheme, but, do something special and you’ll certainly reap the rewards. 😉

So, there you all go… have a happy Valentine’s day. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day comes but once a year…

    • I know what you mean, but see, the thing is, it kinda sucks when everyone is talking about their plans around you (especially on Valentine’s Day) and you know your bf hasn’t done anything because “I show love every other day of the year”. Yes, show love/special treatment on another day of the year, but something small means the world to someone. I am just saying, even if it is a flower on your car’s window, the thought is there. (Btw, chicks need to do this for their guys as well. 😉 )

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