Creating memories with my niece

I am big on experiences, I think it has been the way I have been brought up (thanks Mom 🙂 ) but, I believe that all kids should learn about the Tooth Fairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny. I think that all birthdays, should be a celebrated day with cake and candles and happy birthday singing. I think that experiences should be awesome. If it is going on a picnic or going to the movies or going to the zoo, it should be fun. That is what makes life awesome.

Last Sunday afternoon, I took Cutie Pie to the movies for the first time. At almost four years old, I thought it was time. We went to watch Frozen and I must add that this is the kind of experience I will remember for many years to come.


I don’t think I can put in words how amazed she was at the new experience. The whole idea of buying the movie ticket. Looking at the cardboard cut outs at hearing her calling me back to look. The experience of buying her popcorn and choosing her own sweets. Then going into the cinema and seeing the big screen for the first time. I wish that I could of recorded the look on her face when the trailers were showing. She was smiling from ear to ear. The way she ate her popcorn so delicately or how she didn’t want me to take her cold drink out of the combo box that they give the kiddies. I won’t forget how she climbed on my lap when the snow monster tried to catch Anna and Kristoff. How she laughed at little Olaf and marveled at the Snow Queen Elsa.

What a first movie to go see with her. I enjoyed every minute of the story and I think Anna and Elsa rock. I also like the whole idea that the prince wasn’t really needed to save the day, but I had better stop before I give ANYTHING away. 😉

I think her first cinema experience was a little overwhelming, because we went home to swim and when the time came, she didn’t want to go home with her Mom, she was overtired and well put up a big fuss. Although a little bribery got her on her way. 😉

My Mom took me to the cinema when I was around Cutie Pie’s age. The first movie was an epic movie. She took me to see ET. My Mom says that I started crying when ET was being chased with Elliot. She said I started crying and she had to take me out. She had to sit outside on the stairs with me. 🙂 I actually remember a bit of that day. Anyways, every school holiday, my Mom and I would go to the movies. She took me to go watch epic movies while growing up… The Lion King, Jurassic Park, Titanic and so much more. When I got older and I got my drivers’ licence, I did the same with my nephews. I now will continue the tradition on with my nieces.

Cutie Pie really reminds me that there is good in this world and how I wish all children could experience the happiness experienced that afternoon. It was tons of fun and something I hope she remembers.

Have a good Thursday.



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