I need to get this off my chest

I always take exception to the fact that when a person hears that I am the ‘laatlammetjie’ they automatically assume I am spoilt.

Newsflash! Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes, I might be spolit with tons of love, even more attention, but my parents kept me grounded.

For example: When my brothers turned 18, my dad bought a car for them. Me? Well, my dad told me to save a buy my own car. I eventually bought myself a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle when I was 20 for the grand amount of R 5 500. I remember my dad still added the extra R 500.

When I was in Matric, my parents weren’t doing well financially. Going to study further seemed to be an opportunity that I was going to miss out on. I didn’t hold it against them; I knew there were circumstances beyond our control.  A company approached our school. They were willing to give full bursaries to Matric students who applied. I applied and was called in for an interview. My dad took me, but didn’t go in with me.  He stayed in the car and wished me luck before I climbed out. I faced four strangers and told them how I wanted to be a journalist.  I was 17.

The last subject I wrote was Biology.  It was a week before my 18th birthday.  On the way home with my friends, I remember telling them that I didn’t know what I was going to do, maybe become a secretary?  I got home and switched on our cell phone and got a message to call a lady with regard to the bursary.

That call changed my life.  I had gotten the bursary and well I could…. go study further. My parents were so proud.  However, I had not applied to a varsity.

My mom helped and a week later I was writing my entrance exam and was called for an interview.  I remember my dad waited the whole day for me in the parking lot. I got in and till today I say it is all by God’s grace and my parents’ belief in me.

I have many stories where I have had to fight for what I want and gotten it. I would not call that spoilt at all. I would say that my parents raised a good daughter with manners, integrity and values. I am not lazy or expect things to go my way. I am a well-rounded person because of them and in no way spoilt. I am not big on fancy expensive things. To me what counts is that there is love and happiness in the house. It counts for so much more.

But that is my view of it all. Now you all know how I feel.



5 thoughts on “I need to get this off my chest

  1. I hope that LO stays as grounded.My laatlametjie brother also had it pretty tough as my parents were much older by the time he was in high school and my Dad was retired from the year after I left school,so finances were always tight.

  2. I know the feeling … when people hear I’m the only girl of six kids it’s also assumed I was spoilt. Not so! I grew up as one of the boys and we were all treated the same.

    Like you so correctly state – you were showered with love and attention – that is what really matters!

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