Merry Christmas


The image above says it all… I hope and trust that you have had an amazing day with your family and friends.

We had a good day, we went to church this morning.  I was the only Alto in the choir… the only Alto in an all female choir I might add. It was fun. I saw so many old friends and got so many hugs and well wishes.

After that it was off to lunch. Check out our table below. I did the centrepiece and I kept the rest of it simple and easy.


Anyways, as for the rest I won’t bore you… except that Curly  (the ex wife) does not really fit into the family anymore… especially when she hasn’t spoken to my Mom or I for almost three years and decides to give her view on certain family happenings. *Rolls eyes*

However, my Mom and I kept our pose pretty well, so I am very proud of us.

Okay, so thats enough from me, have a merry Christmas further.

Chat soon.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Belated Merry Christmas, and an early Happy New Year!
    It was keeping the right spirit that nobody hinted to Curly that she was a sandy place with waves running up on it …

    • Thanks Col. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2014 will be an awesome year for you too.

      Oh and trust me I was thinking it… and I think she could read my mind, because she was no where in site on New Years. lol

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