And so it is…

Well, it has been a week since I have been on leave and it has been busy. A very good and busy week.

The last time I posted, I was in the queue to have my driver’s licence renewed. I didn’t wait too long after I posted the post. I have to go back in eight weeks to pick it up again. In the queue I also met a magistrate from the childrens court and I got to do a little networking, something that I am normally not very good with.

We also had three robberies at our complex last week.  Our gate’s motor was struck by lighting and was broken for two weeks. It was open during the day with a guard at night, and obviously someone picked up on it and hence why we had the trouble. After the robberies,  there were guards on call ever day and night. Number 22 once again had a bit to say via e-mail. *Rolls eyes* Unfortunately, I was copied in on all the correspondence, even though we are not talking to him.

Christmas is in two days 🙂 All the Christmas pressies have been bought and are on the dining room table because we decided not to put the big tree up this year, however, the rest of the house is very festive with decorations all over. When Cutie Pie walked in she said and I quote: “Look, Clistmas! Its amazing!”

We (my Mom and I) will be celebrating Christmas with Rugbyman and the boys. Curly (his ex wife) will be there too. Something about Curly not being alone on Christmas in her memtal state, which we understand
I must admit it is not the ideal situation, but, we will give it a bash. Never a dull moment in our lives. 😉

Bikerman and his family are by his in laws, so we will celebrate with them when they get back. I admit that we are missing them terribly,  especially the girlies.

Anyways, I was in the garden the whole day today and I am sure that my body will feel it tomorrow. The good news is that the garden looks good and we can enjoy it over the next week or two while we are on leave.

Btw, this post was typed on my new mobile phone. I finally decided to get myself on a top-up contract. I have to get used to the touch screen which is very frustrating at times lol.

Anyways, that’s an update from my side. Chat soon again.


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