Waiting and Waiting

This morning at 07:45 I entered the looooong queue at the Centurion Licensing Department to renew my driver’s licence.

What a lovely way to start my holidays?

Unfortunately, just because it is holiday time, everyone seems to be here. My driver’s licence expired on 4 December and I didn’t notice. Oh well, here I am now.

I have my forms, a copy of my ID document, ID photos, my R 228 in cash (becasue they don’t have card facilities) and lots of patience. The senior citizens and pregnant ladies get to go in first for obvious reasons… Us law abiding citizens have to wait. Unless of course you are willing to pay a bribe to jump the queue. *rolls eyes* Yes, that has happened.

Anyways, I just heard that it takes up to eight weeks before you can pick it up, so I had better get a temporary license, because Lord knows, that it will just be my luck that the cops pull me over.

Oh well, the good thing is that I can see the door. šŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday all.


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