You know…

Sometimes I have so much that I want to share and tell you all about but then I sit in front of the PC and I have forgotten. *sigh* I think I should start carrying a notepad and pen with me so that I don’t forget. I know that The Asian is going to say it is my new age that  is making me forget but it is not… I think it is because we have to remember so many things. Pin numbers, passwords, birthday, telephone numbers, etc. It sometimes just gets to be a bit too much.

We have our end year function/office party is on Friday and we have to wear something red… however, I don’t own anything ‘red’. I’ll have to go look for something. Maybe I can wear my red Santa’s hat? Would that even count?

Anyways… I found this online… and yes, I can totally relate to this e-card:


Have a happy Wednesday everyone. 🙂

PS Only 17 days to go before my annual leave starts.


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