So about those Irishmen… (Part 2)

Read part 1 here.

The receptionist called me to tell me I had guests. I walked into reception to meet them. I was only expecting Irishman 1 but he had a friend. He introduced me to Irishman 2 and oh my word… what a nice man. He was younger than Irishman 1, I’d say around 35 maybe? He had a nice smile, a nice voice, he said my name with an Irish brogue that just made me weak in the knees and the bonus was that he was not wearing a wedding band (I saw that later in the restaurant).

I told them that I would quickly get the editor and we could go to the restaurant. They said that we could take their car with their driver, however, when we got to the car the driver had taken a walk to the shops, so we decided that because the restaurant was only a block away (a long block in high heeled shoes) we would walk. Something that I am sure will never be suggested EVER again. The traffic, the beggars and the humidity were terrible. However, not all was bad; my hair did not frizz with the humidity (YAY!) and Irishman 2 walked next to me the entire way.

We were half way to the restaurant when Irishman 1 asked if my auburn hair suggested to Irish ancestry. I should have known one of them would have asked that. I told him that my grandfather was born on the Emerald Isle and that they moved to South Africa when he was two years old. Turns out that Irishman 2 and my grandfather were born in the same city.

Btw, another thing, Irishman 2 and my brother, Biker Man, have the same name, which I mentioned as well. I remember saying “People with that name are normally naughty.” He did not disagree on that point but he added that they were very mischievous.

Anyways, in the restaurant we sat across of one another and that’s when I noticed that Irishman 2 had the most gorgeous blue eyes. Who does not love blue eyes? Anyways, the meeting went well and I must admit that Irishman 2 caught me looking at him a couple of times. *Blush*

When we were not discussing business, we were discussing life in general. We pay 14% VAT and they pay 23% in Ireland. The water pipes are being replaced in Dublin so there are water restrictions at the moment, not good for tourism. As it turns out that Irishman 2 will be back in the country in December (here’s hoping he comes to visit *wink*) and that he travels to South Africa often.

We (mainly Irishman 2 and I) spoke about South Africa and he added that Durban was nice, but too humid. Cape Town was beautiful; however, Johannesburg/Pretoria seemed to be where everything was happening. From the way he spoke, you could see that he knew his way around. He told me about the Great White Sharks he saw in…
“Where is it?” he asked.
“False Bay?” I answered.
“Yes, that’s the place. They film the documentaries there,” he said with a smile.

I then told him that Pretoria/Johannesburg was the place where Table Mountain stood. However, according to old folk tales, Table Mountain was dragged the through the Free State to Cape Town and that is why the Free State is so flat today. He laughed at the story, and I thought to myself, Kathleen you might just have inherited the gift of the gab after all.

Time flies when you are having fun and time came to say goodbye. Their driver came to pick us up at the restaurant and they drove us back to the office and then the editor and I said farewell to our new found friends.

“It was lovely meeting you Kathleen,” Irishman 2 said. “I’ll be in touch.”

And it was at the moment, when he said my name that I knew I needed to get my arse into gear and go visit Ireland, because somehow I think I would feel right at home there and I’d most probably find a husband too. 😉

Irish image (9)


8 thoughts on “So about those Irishmen… (Part 2)

  1. Oh la la! So have you heard from Irish #2? I was really hoping you were going to announce that he would be in attendance tomorrow 😉

    Let me know when you’re off to Ireland, you’ll need a chaperone and I’ve just volunteered!

    • By the time I wrote the post, he had not contacted me, but the next day I received an e-mail. Murphy’s law and all that. LOL! I’ll totally take you with to Ireland with me.

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