Thor, my nephew and I

On Saturday morning I received a phone call from the Blonde One. He wanted to go to the movies to watch Thor: The dark world. He said that his GF, the Blonde Girl did not want to go with him and that he needed a date. Actually, I think he secretly knows how much his aunt loves Thor. 😉 Anyways, I told him, that I was broke, because I am keeping all my cash for my party on Saturday, you know for the balloons, deco, food, etc. He said not  to worry, that it would be his treat and an early birthday pressie for me.

The Blonde One picked me up and drove me to Menlyn, where we got movie tickets, popcorn and something to drink. He reminisced about all the times I did that with them. See, long ago when I was still studying and I got my licence, I would go pick them up during the school holidays and we would make a day at the movies. They obviously loved that, because to this day he can remember what movies we went to watch.

He mentioned that the Blonde Girl did not like to go to the movies. However, he said that he thinks we should go more often now, especially since so many cool movies are coming out over the next few months, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug and various others.

I do think that it is time that I introduce Cutie Pie to the cinema… At almost four years old, she is ready for it… and I think her first movie will be: Frozen.

So, back to Thor and his hammer…  Grrrr is all I can say. I also realised how much I like the man who plays Loki (Tom Hiddleston). He is VERY good looking and very witty in the movie and I think that his long dark hair suits him very well. I especially liked Loki when he went all nuts (see the image below). I’m not going to give the plot away, however, there WILL be a third movie and I cannot wait. 🙂 Oh and before you ask, I did Google Mr Hiddleston this morning to find out more about him and his career.


Loki going crazy in Thor: The Dark World.

While doing my Google search, I found the following Hello Kitty and Loki pic… too good not to share, especially since my nickname is Kitty. 🙂


How cute is this?

Oh and btw, did you know the following:


I think this is very true. 😉

So, it would seem that I have a new movie buddy and I am not complaining at all about it. It is always good to spend time with the family. 🙂

Have a good Monday further.


6 thoughts on “Thor, my nephew and I

    • Well, there are some good ones coming out over December. However, what I failed to mention was how expensive movies have become. It was R 136 for the both of us to watch the movie in 3D. 2D would have cost R 106. That excludes the popcorn and drinks. So I think we will be limiting our trips to once a month.

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