You are only 30 once in your life

and because of that, I am planning on making the most of it. 🙂

I finally decided on a theme for my party and I created the invitations accordingly, and I am sure you are dying to know what I have planned… Well here goes…

We will be going IRISH for the day.


Yes, my friends, we are having an IRISH birthday party! What do you think of the invitation? I created it myself, thanks to some Google images and my design skills, and yes, I know there is no info on the invite, but that is for my own privacy. 😉


Anyways, the venue has been arranged, the invites have been sent out, the props are sorted, the music has been sourced. The food arrangements have been made. The cake is going to be awesome. The only thing that will not be happening is the Jumping Castle for the kids… Who knew they were so expensive? I mean, I can deal with the R 300 for the day, but the fact that the lady wants to drop it off at 12:00 and pick it up at 19:00 is totally not worth my while. Neither is the fact that she is charging me an extra R 100 for delivery. Anyways, I have been thinking of doing something else for the kids, which the grown ups can participate in too, because we all know there would have been some grown ups who would have jumped on the jumping castle. *innocent look*

I hope I haven’t missed anything… cause I have made so many lists for all the different things I have to remember.

On another note, my hectic deadlines are over. I am just waiting for the advertisers to get back to me with the changes (if any) to the their adverts. I did not think that I’d survive this, but once again, I have proved how tough I can be. We go to print on Monday and I have to get the digital issue out by Thursday and then I will only have the admin to keep me busy. 🙂 My leave for December is in, which is great and all the RSVP’s for the different lunches have been sent. By the way, tonight I am off to the PICA awards with my co-workers. At the moment, I am not very excited about it. I hope that changes as the afternoon progresses.

Okay, so I think that’s enough ramblings from me for today. Enjoy the rest of your day 😀


12 thoughts on “You are only 30 once in your life

  1. You are terribly wrong on one account …

    You can be 30 many many times. Personally I celebrated my 30th about 10 times 🙂

    Just to let you know, I have absolutely nothing green in my wardrobe; but I did notice a few green leaves on my favourite spring dress … does that count???

    I can’t wait for the cake – knowing your mom it’s going to be spectacular!!!

    • You know what Harmz, you are absolutely correct on that point. 😀 I’ll take that tip into careful consideration.

      The green leaves count yes and if there is some orange in then that will fit in with the flag. 😉

      I hope she lives up to the expectations lol I am still debating if I should have a full cake or just cupcakes, which are much easier. Hmmmm… decisions decisions.

    • I am pretty darn bummed that they won’t be a jumping castle… I am going to have to get something epic to replace it with… 😦 Any ideas?

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