What a day….

It is approximately 21:05 on a Saturday evening and I am ready for bed. The rugby game is on TV at the moment, however, all I know is that SA is leading Wales 24 to 15.

I am sure you are asking why I am so tired. Well, I haven’t been too active on my blog this week because of work… I was/am having a mini breakdown on my side. My editor wants my supplement fully edited on Wednesday, 13 November. My deadline for my advertisers is on Monday,  11 November, so I only have Tuesday to get proofs out and finish up the last of my work.

In all this, I have been reading and editing articles for the journal and I am busy with the admissions supplement, which means checking all the law firms and details of all the newly admitted attorneys since May 2013 till 31 October 2013…  which means, there are over 400 names to check and that does not include the Western Cape. I only got their info late Friday afternoon.

Oh and all this doesn’t include the Irishmen I met or all the excitement of planning my 30th birthday. 😉

I thought that I would get some work done today, however, my day consisted of waking up at 06:00 and then receiving a phone call to take a family member to hospital. Mrs Biker Man hurt her arm and the pain became terrible during the night. Biker Man has recently been made President of the Centurion Chapter of his Club and they had a run today, as president he  had to be there as all the arrangements had been made and he could not cancel. Mrs Biker Man assured him that she would be fine with me and told him to go. Long story short, I had to pick her up, take her to the hospital, watch the girls with my Mom while she was in the emergency room and because she hurt her right arm, I had to still fill in all the documentation etcetera at the hospital.

Once we were done at about 11:30, we went back to Biker Man’s house. Poor Mrs Biker Man was knocked with all the meds and fell asleep and my Mom and I had to babysit. My brother said that he would be home at 14:00, however, that never happened. He only walked in at 18:00. LOL! Typical man…

By this time Cutie Pie and Noodle had not had their afternoon naps. They just did not want to sleep, so by the time we left Cutie Pie was very irritable, mainly because she wanted to leave with my Mom and I. Noodle was falling over her own feet. They ran around and played so much that I think those two girlies will be sleeping very well tonight. 😉

Anyways, tomorrow morning we are going to church and after that to Woolies to get our supplies for the week and then I’ll work for the rest of the day.

I have tried to catch up with the blogs as best as I can, however, after 26 November things should hopefully be quieter and I’ll be able to blog more. 🙂


PS. 10 days to go… I am so excited! 😀


7 thoughts on “What a day….

    • Thanks Deb, I just handed the pages in to the editor… now waiting for all the advertisers to get back to me. It is never ending is it? 🙂

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