Can you hear the grass growing?

Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I’ll be pottering around in the garden. With all the rain lately, everything has been growing, including those pesky weeds. I have decided to let Cutie Pie help me yank them out. Although, look at the lovely Gerbera below. They are coming along nicely. 🙂


The little ones are coming over, because Mrs Biker Man has her “book club meeting” tomorrow with the other mommies in her group. According to my brother, there is no book in sight, it is their time to have a glass of wine and chat but they use the “book club” as an excuse. The last time Mrs Biker Man was really out of it when she got back… turns out, she can’t handle the tequila anymore. 😉 Although she’ll keeel me for saying that. *giggle*

Mr Biker Man… I’m not sure what he is doing, but he is dropping the girls off for us to watch. I do know they have a braai tomorrow night and I do know that the girls might be sleeping over, but we will see how that pans out. I must admit that my Mom and I are always happy when they stay with us and normally when the girls sleep over, Cutie Pie wants me to sleep with her on the sleeper couch, however, that child sleeps really woes… and she either kicks or hits me. She also talks in her sleep which freaks me out completely. Anyways, lets see how long Biker Man lasts without them. 😉

Anyways, I have to fix the little fence around our the plants in the garden. Lizzie has decided to finally get her little body through the fence to the other side and is digging in the ferns for lizards. *sigh* The poor dog doesn’t realise how sick she gets when she eats them. Not even our little garden gnome scares Lizzie off anymore.


So, I’ll put Noodle on a blanket on the grass and let her play and get Cutie Pie to help in the mud. I’m sure she will enjoy it. Oh and I promise, I’ll let them wear sunblock and hates. Oh and our grass is looking all super after we put the lawn dressing on. You can actually “hear” the grass growing.


I think that is enough from me and my gardening and family.
Enjoy your Friday further.

PS. In 18 days I’ll be 30 years old.


10 thoughts on “Can you hear the grass growing?

  1. Pft .. in 18 days you will be 30 years YOUNG!!!
    I wait with bated breath to hear what creeper you settled on ? 🙂 Did you have any success?

    • That’s true! 🙂

      I have had a chat to my Mom, seeing that I am taking over her garden. She likes the idea of planting a Bougainvillea in a pot… that way we can take it with us if we leave. I like the wild rose creeper, however, the jasmine is still high on our list… our other one is in full bloom and smells divine. Decisions, decisions and me being indecisive does not help. However, I’ll definitely let you know which one we choose.

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