The early bird catches the worm

When I bought my camera, I received a free training voucher from Nikon. At the training session they teach you how to use your camera. I unfortunately could not attend the first session I booked for, but I must arrange another date because even though I have photo journalism training, I feel that there is so much I can still do with this great piece of equipment.

By the way, did I mention that I did my first photo shoot? It was with a friend’s daughter. Once I am finished with the photos, I’ll put some up. I must admit, that I am very proud of myself.

Anyways, before the shoot, I decided to take some pictures of random things in the garden on the bright and early Saturday morning. It just goes to show that the early bird does catch the worm and takes it to the nest.





4 thoughts on “The early bird catches the worm

  1. I don’t often get attached to worldly goods but must say I adore my Nikon!! It captures the light in my children’s eyes… the mischief in my dog’s face… the moments at functions that I’d love to remember forever.

    • I am sure they are Owlet. I just need to find a date to attend where I am not busy. I’d prefer a Saturday, but maybe I should take a day off and just go do the training. 🙂

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