An update on the neighbour…

As per the last post about the neighbour… When I picked my Mom up on Monday afternoon I told her my idea about ignoring him and going to speak to the caretaker. She agreed, because it is not necessary to lower ourselves to his level. But lo and behold who was standing outside when we drove in? Mr 22 himself. He waved and we ignored him. I am sure he felt like a fool. I took my bags out the car and went in the house with my Mom and we could hear the whispering. However, the whispering really started when we locked our gate and walked away from the flat to the caretaker’s place.

Unfortunately, the caretaker was not there, so I told his gorgeous half-naked son to give me a call when he did get home. About 20 minutes later we had a knock on the door. It was the caretaker. He was a bit weary of us, however, I made it clear that I wanted to just clear up some things. He relaxed and came inside our house.

My Mom explained to him that the sentimentality was not the reason why we said no to the chopping down of the trees. Yes, we had an inside joke between the family, but that was not the reason. I explained to him that I told the man about my thoughts, and that he obviously chose not to accept what I said, however, when the caretaker said the exact same thing, it was accepted. The caretaker smiled and said he knows that Mr 22 is sexist in this regard and he does feel for us.

The caretaker also said that he just checked the paving and cannot see anywhere where the root’s were lifting the paving. (Btw, as he said that Mr 22 reverse very slowly past our house. He obviously saw the Caretaker come over and was curious to see what was happening.) Anyways, the caretaker added that the body corporate/trustees would have a meeting and will inspect the trees before making the final decision.

The caretaker also said that Mr 22 must find indigenous trees to replace the current three with. Ones without berries or pods and it must be an evergreen. Well, as far as I am concerned Mr 22 has a tall order, but I don’t have to bother with all that now because it is not my responsibility.

The caretaker actually told us that Mr 22 has been bitching about the electricity boxes recently and that he has received pages and pages of e-mails from him. He added that he had a long list of faults that Mr 22 was complaining about. However, in short the caretaker said that the body corporate/trustees are highly irritated by Mr 22 because of all the e-mails he sends, because he obviously had no work for his hands.

I must admit, after clearing the story up, both my Mom and I feel much better. We like that the caretaker took the time to come to us and hear our side of the story. We have both decided that Mr 22 will be ignored by us and if he has to come to the front door, we will politely ask him to leave.

In other news, I received an sms from my one friend… She asked if I heard that our mutual friend’s husband passed away in a freak accident on the weekend. I didn’t. I was so shocked to hear that. I feel totally sad and numb.  I just sent her a message, because I don’t think that I’d be able to speak over the phone. Once again, it just proves how fragile life is.

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8 thoughts on “An update on the neighbour…

  1. Well done on the way you have handled that.
    btw – Doing things professionally, it would be a good idea to do a list of benefits and disadvantages of the existing tree – pros and cons. Then, any substitute would have to have all the pros without the cons or things may as well stay as is.
    Seems neigbour is just a professional complainer.

    • Thanks Col and I’ll definitely suggest the above to the caretaker.

      I think he is a professional complainer, maybe I should send him a certificate stating just that… hahaha. 😉

  2. At least the caretaker was fair and reasonable. As for Mr 22; I deal with the likes of him all day every day.

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s husband, sounds very tragic 😦

    • Yeah, thank he is fair and responsible, but then I think he has to have a lot of patience.

      I am so sorry that you have to deal with people like Mr 22 all day… I am just very glad you don’t have to deal with him personally. As for the rest of the complainants… my friend you have all my positive thoughts rushing towards you. I don’t know how you do it, because I was drained after one incident.

      Thanks for your sympathies. *hugs*

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