The story of the lost jersey…

Okay, so I was so upset after writing this post yesterday… I gave my Mom a call and she is was just so upset at the e-mail. It was after the phone call when I realised that I was shaking I was getting so cold and the adrenaline was not helping either. I started looking for my jersey and it wasn’t with me in the office, even after I KNOW that I carried it in with my handbag to the office that morning.

I ran down to my car and there was nothing, but there wouldn’t be anything because I had it with me when I walked into my office yesterday morning. I asked the  receptionist who said she remembered that I had it with me.

It was conclusive that I dropped my jersey, my favourite black one with the silver zip, between the reception area and my office which is approximately two to three meters apart from one another. Where could my jersey be?

I asked the cleaning ladies, they say they didn’t see it. I asked my work colleagues, all of whom said they didn’t see anything.

It was then that the receptionist suggested I ask the man who deals with the security cameras, to just double check that when I walked in that I had the jersey with me.

So, I went to his office. I was explaining to him what the jersey looked like, when he said it was hanging on the back of the chair. Someone had found it on the stairs. I was so happy that I hugged him and I said thank you to the lady who found it.

HOWEVER, when I got back to my office, I started wondering…

  • How did they find the jersey on the stairs when I dropped it between the reception and the office?
  • Why is the one sleeve on the jersey inside out, because I took it out of my cupboard the morning and it was hanging properly?
  • Why did the person who found it not give it in at reception? Is that not what a person will do if you find something laying in a corridor? Because that is where I must have dropped it?

Anyways, from now on, I will be uber protective of my things and the things in my office.



10 thoughts on “The story of the lost jersey…

  1. Hmmm, that does sound rather suspicious. It sounds like whoever found it, tried it on first and when it didn’t fit – they decided not to keep it.

    Did you check for fibers and hairs? 😉

    • I didn’t unfortunately… forgot my DNA kit at home. Not very clever of me.

      I agree, although I also think that whoever took it was not going to give it back… and when I started asking around, realised that they could get into trouble, cause there are cameras in all the passages.

      At least I have it back now. 🙂

      • That’s a good point, perhaps the perpetrator overhead you asking about it and threw it on the stairs OR perhaps the person claiming to have found it on the stairs actually found it on the floor between your office and the reception and when she heard you were looking for it, handed it to security alleging it was on the stairs.

        But like you rightly state – at least you have it back and I’m sure whoever took it in the first place now knows better than to mess with Detective Kat!

      • Yeah, I am sure they will be careful from now on. LOL! Btw, Detective Kat has only picked up her skills from watching too many episodes of the Mentalist, NCIS and Blue Bloods. 😉

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