Love thy neighbour? Not now thank you!

Okay… so I am mad right now… and not just mad, I am fuming… God said, Love thy neighbour? Well, no offence, but He doesn’t live next to my neighbours.

Remember this post? The neighbour wanting to cut the trees down?

Well, on Friday morning, I got to work… I received an e-mail from him, asking if we had decided what we wanted to do… The night in question when he asked, I told him the stipulations in my post namely:

  • If they decide to chop the trees down, they can do so next Winter when all the birds nests are empty (by then we might not be living there anymore, then I won’t have to see it).
  • They have to adhere to the law of nature and for every tree they remove, they have to plant another in its place.

So, being me, I was just mad at the whole thing and answered the following:

“Number 22,

Do what you want, because you decided the future of the trees before the first e-mail  you sent to us.

We only rent our unit, so we don’t have much say.”

This morning, I received an e-mail from our “caretaker” and a very loooong list of correspondence between him and number 22. Now, please remember, that number 22 is a man and all the trustees are men. My Mom and I are the only women in this thing and from the tone of the e-mails that I received from then till now, they seem to think that women are… whats the word… stupid?

Part of the e-mail that number 22 wrote to the caretaker said:

“I have spoken to 20 and 21 about it. 20 has no problem with it, but 21 have some sentimental issue regarding the removal of the tree closest to us and right across from her door…… something to do with her late husband having had some incident with it before he died quite some time ago. Although they don’t really have a say, not being the owners of unit 21, I will talk to her again and once we have come to a final conclusion, I will inform you.”

Okay… so I was not mad about the trees, but this paragraph has just pissed me off completely. Who the hell does this man think he is??

Yes, my mom is sentimental about the tree and yes, my Dad did love the tree and yes, he did pass away… Five years ago, almost six years ago to be exact. It still hurts, like it would when you lose a life partner. But personally, I think he  (22) has gone too far. I will be going to speak to the caretaker tonight and will be informing him that yes, even though the tree has sentimental value, I made the above suggestions to number 22 which he never put in the e-mail.

The caretaker has said the following though, which is what I said from the beginning…

“I can impose on you could you assist in identifying a replacement tree which is indigenous and has a noninvasive root system that we can replant, our complex is beautiful with our trees and it will be a shame to remove them all without replacing at least some of them.

Lastly if there are birdies breading then it will have to wait until all the offspring has left the coop.”

By the time the birdies have left the coop, I will be in a new complex without the stupid neighbours nextdoor.

Although I do want to tell the idiotic man… that sooner or later the wheel turns my friend… and karma is a bitch. What you send out into the world, you will get back, I might not be there to see it but I know it will happen.

Edit: I found the following image, and it sums up exactly how I feel…



6 thoughts on “Love thy neighbour? Not now thank you!

  1. He sounds like a very insensitive man; it really wasn’t his place making mention of your dad’s passing and your mom’s sentimentality regarding the tree. I can only imagine how hurt and angry you must be feeling.

    [[[[beeeeg hugs]]]]

    • You know what Harmz, he is a very insensitive man and I understand why his wife and him are alone with no friends and no family around them and no it was not his place to mention that at all… when he asked the first time, my Mom said no and he should have accepted it at that and she said no not because of the sentimentality of it all, but because you don’t just chop trees down. I suspect there will be a fight on hand tonight when we get home, however, I will be going to the caretaker to explain my side of the story. Oh and no wonder everyone at the complex is sympathetic towards us if anyone at the finds out that we are number 22’s neighbours. Sorry I am ranting again. 😦

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