This week in the news…

The regular readers of my blog know that I never really comment on politics or happenings in the news. I normally write about my family, things that have happened to me, work, my favourite songs, movies, etcetera. HOWEVER, today I feel that I should comment on some things happening in the news over the past few days… all these thoughts are my own and you are also welcome to add in your two cents if you would like.


The Diepsloot murders of two little girls. How shocking is this story? I know it is not the first time this has happened in South Africa, but the question I ask every time is how can someone hurt an innocent child? What kind of people do we have in our society? I know that there are underlying factors, but, in situations like this I can see why the community is up in arms about this. ENCA, Iman Rampetti, senior news anchor and journalist said that the community had had enough and were threatening to take matters into their own hands. She said that it was only a matter of who got to the suspects first, the police or the community. I know that we should let the police do their work, but in actual fact the police are overworked, underpaid and corrupt and it has been said that the community do not trust the Police. The communities are willing to take things into their own hands. We have seen it time and time again, but sometimes innocents are harmed in the process, which is not good either.

I see that a R 100 000 reward has been offered to anyone who can assist in catching the person responsible for this, the police have also released an identikit.

*Edit – I see the suspect has been nabbed. Good on the cops for that!

Then there is this case. I am summarising the details from the ENCA report that I watched. The mom of the child sent her son to this school because he was very shy and did not mix well with others. The man who runs the “school”, Alex de Koker, allegedly tortured the boy and hurt him so badly that the boy died from malnutrition and his wounds in hospital. The man never let the mom know about her son being in hospital till it was almost too late. She said in the interview, she never suspected anything was wrong because when she spoke to her son on the phone he said he was fine. Obviously the head of the so-called school was telling the child what to say.  Anyways, the case is now in court and the report is about what was happening in court. The first time I heard about the case was on ENCA. It was more like a mini-documentary about the case and the mother was interviewed. I cried when I heard about the things that were done to the boy. I do hope that justice is served in this case and that the child’s soul can rest in peace.

Then there is this image gallery about the bakkie that was crushed by the truck’s load. Oh my word… did you see those photos. It makes a person scared of travelling on the road, especially since the accident in Pinetown.

What is a summary of news items without anything from Julius Malema? Yes, he launched his new political party and if you watch the clip, I tend to agree with the political analyst… if Malema and his party keep up with this business of land and race, South Africa will end up being a divided country, rather than a united one. All this will be at the expense of national unity.

At least some good news is that the the federal government shut down has come to an end, although this is far from the end with the next deadlines looming.

Oh and did you see that was an article on the end of TopTV? Has this not been coming for months now? So many things have been happening at TopTV, with the discontinuation of channels, etc. Btw, OpenView HD has been launched.

Also, did you hear about the man that was arrested for 238 outstanding traffic offences? How do you have 238 outstanding offences? One or two yes, but 238? That’s craziness!

Okay, so I think that is enough from me for now, there is still a number of articles that I could comment on… but I better stop. 😉 I don’t want to rant too much on a Friday.


10 thoughts on “This week in the news…

  1. The diepsloot story was such a horrible one, but what shocked me more was the realization of how “desensitized” I have become. I have become so used to reading horrible things daily that it isn’t as shocking anymore. It makes me so sad about our community and the world we are living in. Like you say, there is so many stories one can comment on. So much violence and hate, kind off makes me want to stop reading the news.

    • I know what you mean… I remember the first child rape that was reported while I was studying Journalism at varsity… I remember at the time, the editor of the Star put a blank white box on the front page to make a stand against it. It was such a bold step. However, yes, our society is very desensitized and we accept it as everyday news, which we shouldn’t.

      I know the one other story I wanted to still add in was that Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion has changed his name again… *facepalm*

      • I saw that! Apparently it’s to emphasize his ” transformation”.

        From horrific stories to complete redundancy. I think its a good way to illustrate the gap between the super rich and us mere mortals

      • As if he hasn’t transformed enough…

        And yes, there is a huge gap between the economic standings here… it is a very sad thing and one that won’t be solved very soon.

  2. *cough cough* I guess I better not admit to how many outstanding traffic fines and warrants I have … *gulp* whilst not as many as Sibosiso; they certainly far exceed one or two. Luckily they’re all in KZN, so chances of them catching me are slim 😉

    As for the rest of news, too depressing to dwell on. I sob every time I read about another child murder – I actually prefer not reading those reports.

    • Hahahaha Harmz, I am sure there are not soooo many. 😉 Btw, if you ever need to be bailed out, let me know. *giggle*

      I know how you feel about it… it is very depressing, I promise I’ll post something to cheer us all up from the above post. 😉

      • Ooooh you’d be surprised. I drove an SLK when I lived in Durban and I wasn’t one for sticking to the speed limit. By the time I moved back to JHB and sold the car, I had a cubbyhole filled with unpaid fines. Not my proudest moment. Luckily my Feisty Fiesta doesn’t permit to reach the speed limit, let alone exceed it!

        Please do … this week has been horrific in terms of child murders. I’m not sure whether there’s been an increase of psycho’s or if these crimes are merely being reported on, on a greater scale. Either way it has left me so disturbed.

      • My friend DC also had a cubbyhole filled with fines… I think he has paid them now… but those were the days before he got a 4×4. 🙂

        Well, I hope the post does cheer you up… because I think I found the actor who I would have liked to play Mr Gray… a pity he is old now though…. 😦

  3. *sigh* the news is so depressing, sometimes I wish we weren’t bombarded with it all the time. Like owlet said, we’ve become desensitised to the atrocities that happen in our country

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