Who would you like to play Mr Grey??

Since Charlie has decided not to play  the infamous character of Christian Grey, I have been thinking about the actor who I would like to have seen play Mr Christian Grey.

There are so many out there but who would be the right one?

I think I found the actor… it is just a pity that the book was almost two decades too late..

I think this actor would have nailed it… he was very sexy in his prime, but alas his face was screwed up after a series of plastic surgeries.

Do you know who I am referring to?

Mickey Rourke of course.

I mean, anyone who has seen the movie 9 1/2 weeks would know what I am talking about. *wink wink*

I found him to be dark and domineering. I loved his eyes and well his smile was not too bad either… *blush* I think I had better stop babbling now.

Anyways, I went back into the archives also known as Google and found some images…

Btw, who would you like to have seen as Christian Grey??


9 semaines 1/2


11 thoughts on “Who would you like to play Mr Grey??

  1. I haven’t read the book so I can’t comment on the character of Mr. Grey. I will however agree with your description of Mickey being dark and domineering back in the day. As for the all the plastic surgery … OMG what was he thinking!!!

    • I have book two and three in an e-version if you would like me to send it to you…

      I know he was a boxer and all that, but didn’t he realise a boxing scar is hot? He obviously was not thinking and unfortunately the damage is done…

      • No point reading those if I haven’t read number one! If I ever get my hands on a copy then I’ll ask you for the sequels, deal?

        He claims he only had surgery to repair his repeatedly broken nose .. oh please! He is starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein with the slanty cat eyes!

        I have no objection to plastic surgery – I’d have plenty myself if I had the moola – but it must be done to look natural!

      • Well, I can post the hard copy to you if you want LOL! But it is a deal… I have the first 4 episodes of grey’s if you want me to mail them to you… Let me know.

        And yes, if it is natural, then it is fine, but you don’t want to look like the cat lady or Joan Rivers…

    • Let’s face it the books are okay… not Nobel winning stuff but it makes for easy reading like those old Mills and Boon romances. Let me know if you want the electronic versions, unfortunately, only book 2 and 3 but I am looking for one for you guys… btw, first go study.. the books can be read after your exam. 😉

  2. I did not read the book nor do I intend to; but I’ve read enough reviews to have the gist of it.
    I’d say, no, the young Mickey Rourke has too sweet eyes. Look at the fine lines around his eyes – they do not say, sadist, passive-aggressive, psychological issues. They say, sweet guy, harmless, really someone who could be your Saturday night dance date or your best pal.

    I’ll try pasting some images here as suggestions:

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